The Best E-Juices to Try in 2021

One of the most significant benefits of the vaping industry is the wide variety of flavours. E-juices are revolutionary and offer hundreds of flavours that consumers do not necessarily enjoy when smoking traditional cigarettes. The new e-juices are easily accessible in all Oklahoma City vape shops and give you the chance to try the new ones first hand.

Let’s look at the newest flavours that have just been released and are expected to be the market leaders for 2021.

Custard Flavor

This e-juice usually comes in 100ml bottles and gives you a full custard vanilla flavour. It’s ideal for all-day vaping and comes into a blueberry alternative that will leave you wanting more. Other users may also choose the strawberry custard flavor that combines vanilla sweetness with the sour strawberry taste. Custard flavor comes with discounts when you order bulk. It can be used in any vaping machine and offers you a deep flavor that lasts longer.

Dessert Flavor

People in the vaping industry know that most end-users like to vape right after lunch or dinner. However, if you want to find an alternative to eating a dessert, you can try a new dessert-flavoured e-juice available for all vaping machines. The popular e-juice also comes in 100ml bottles and has three different dessert options: lemon pie, crunchy crumble with hints of real vanilla and bakery finish with brown sugar.

Strawberry E-juice

Strawberry has been one of the most complex fruits for flavor extraction. Therefore, the vaping industry has found an affordable and reliable way to isolate the natural strawberry flavor and create a new e-juice for people who love the taste of strawberry when vaping.

The new strawberry e-juice comes in 60ml bottles (smaller than the usual ones), thus emphasizing the scarcity of that product. It offers vapers a sweet and sour strawberry taste without being overwhelming on the lungs. Furthermore, you can ask for an increased nicotine concentration for the e-juice, which offers an immediate energy boost when you need it.

Tropical Fruit Flavor

Due to the increased demand for a tropical fruit mix, 2021 seems like a lucky year for vapers. Pachamama has created a new e-juice that includes mango, strawberry, guava, and jackfruit extracts. These flavors create the perfect tropical fruit mix for vapers.

The sweet and sour tones balance perfectly, giving you the best vaping experience each and every time. Additionally, the e-juice also comes in 100ml bottles, giving you the option to get multiple nicotine concentrations.

Menthol Flavor

With the Menthol Tobacco marketing success in mind, vaping with the menthol fruit flavor has been the base to create the new menthol flavor e-juice. It only comes in bottles of 60ml, therefore, emphasizing the scarcity and demand of the flavour.

Menthol creates a freeze effect in your mouth, giving you fresh breath even when meeting with friends. Menthol also has an added advantage of blending with tropical fruits like pineapple, cantaloupe, and honeydew melons that ideally complements it’s cool taste.

Cereal Flavor

A considerable portion of vapers prefer vaping while having breakfast. As a result, vaping companies decided to research and present a new e-juice that smells and tastes like freshly baked cereals. Designed, manufactured, and promoted by Bam’s Vape, the cereal flavor e-juice comes in 100ml bottles, enough to last and enjoyed when eating breakfast.

Some vapers also prefer to vape instead of eating breakfast since the flavor they get is similar. A creamy cannoli sweet flavor supports the cereal flavor and gives vapers a satisfactory experience.

Tobacco Classic Flavor

Contrarily, heavy smokers are prone to missing the authentic tobacco flavor when they start vaping. That is why the major trend in the 2021 vaping industry is creating and promoting the new Marlboro-like tobacco classic e-juice flavor. It comes in 100ml bottles, and the flavor is enhanced by adding vanilla and fruit tones. Vapers may also choose the nicotine concentration of this tobacco-like flavor to have a complete vaping experience that emulates the feeling of smoking traditional cigarettes.

The E-juices industry is one of the fastest-growing in 2021. Many more e-juices are available for vapers to attract more users than they used to in the previous years.

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