The Ultimate Guide To Styling Your Men’s Suspenders

Suspenders can either look timeless or a bit too old-fashioned. The way you choose to style your suspenders can make all the difference. Suspenders are also called “braces” and are essentially clothed straps that rest on your shoulders and go down your back.

They attach to your trousers either with clips or buttons. Most of the time, the straps cross over each other in the back to form either an X or a Y shape. Some men find suspenders to be more comfortable than belts, so for this reason, they’re slowly coming back in style. Some men prefer suspenders so that sitting down is more comfortable without the feeling of a belt rubbing against the waist.

Suspenders are back in style but are not quite as common as belts. So, knowing how to style your suspenders fashionably can be confusing. In this guide, we make it simple. Here’s your ultimate guide on styling your mens suspenders, then you can buy online here!

What Colors Should I Wear?

Regardless of the clothes you’re wearing, remember that your suspenders should be at least a shade darker than your shirt. You want to define and showcase the suspenders, which is easy with a darker color leaning against a lighter color. It doesn’t matter what materials you choose for  your suspenders, but remember that the more formal the event, the more formal the suspenders should be!

Standard fabrics for suspenders are leather and cotton fabrics. If you go with leather, pair them with leather shoes in the same color!

How Do I Coordinate Colors With Mens Suspenders?

In addition to sticking with darker shades, you should try to apply a general color scheme based on the color of the shirt you’ll be wearing with your suspenders. Here’s what we mean:

For light blue shirts, choose dark blue suspenders or another color in the blue family, such as a moody grey. You can choose any suspenders color for white shirts as long as they’re darker than your shirt. So, if you have a very light grey pair of suspenders, you’re better off wearing a dark grey shirt rather than a white shirt so there is more color contrast.

For your white shirt, stick with black or dark grey mens suspenders instead. You want to make the color of your mens suspenders really pop!

For various colors you probably don’t wear every day, i.e., (pink, or burgundy), your best bet is either a dark grey, a dark blue (navy blue should do the trick), or a black pair of suspenders. Sticking neutral colors is a safe bet because neutral colors go with everything! If your shirt is patterned or has many different colors, stick with neutral, darker shades of mens suspenders to avoid creating too much busyness between your shirt and your mens suspenders. You want to showcase some degree of visual contrast so that its’ balancing to the eye.

How To Personalize Your Look

If you want a personal edge to your mens suspenders, add small accessories like bow ties or a skinny tie. Avoid clip-on ties and bowties: if you want to look dapper, spend a bit extra on the real deal!

When To Wear Suspenders And What To Wear Them With

With a nice suit or formal outfit, suspenders can look fabulous! However, you don’t want to wear mens suspenders with your jeans, or you’ll look too dressed up for a casual day. Make sure that you save your suspenders for special occasions.

Don’t forget to match your socks to your mens suspenders! It might seem unimportant, but the socks you wear with your suspenders are a big deal! Most dress pants come up a bit when you sit down, so sporting the right socks can make or break your outfit. Stick with dark colors, preferably the same shade as your suspenders!

If that’s not possible, stick to neutral, dark colors like navy blue or black so that your socks easily match your suspenders and your outfit in general.

Mix And Match For Superb Styling

Styling your mens suspenders is mostly about mixing and matching correctly. Consider the fashion tips above and rock your suspenders every time! Once you’ve chosen the suspenders you want, plan your outfit around them!