Things you need to know about crypto storage

With each passing day, the demand of various cryptocurrencies in the trade market is increasing. While more people are being aware of it, all are trying to experience its convenient usage and get some benefit by trading them. The high liquidity and availability of Ethereum’s cryptocurrency exchanges has made it easier  for people to trade them. However, the variations would not work if you cannot provide enough safety to your virtual assets. Thus, you would need proper storage for serving the purpose.  Some platforms offer storage facilities with the registration package where you can also buy separate storage platforms online.  However, having knowledge about them is important for the newcomers to this crypto world before they start using them.

What is crypto storage?

Crypto storage is an online storage place that facilitates the safe storage of cryptocurrencies that you buy and hold. This storage is called a crypto wallet but this is way different from a traditional wallet where you keep the money.

The framework and storage facilities in the online wallets of cryptocurrencies are way different than that of traditional wallets. These digital wallets do not store its assets in their direct form. The fact is that the virtual assets stay in their blockchain nodes intact, while the digital wallets only store the private and the public keys. These keys in turn help to unlock the safety guards to the blockchain nodes to get your hands on your digital currencies.

Types of crypto storage:

Cryptocurrency storage can be of many types but mainly they are categorized into two. They are cold storage and hot storage.The categorization is mainly done by their connection to the internet. However, both have different properties and their own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s know them in detail.

Cryptocurrency cold storage:

Cold storage is not directly connected to the internet. They store confidential keys offline. They are basically some small hardware devices like a USB that you can keep physically. There are some computer wallets also that sometimes are provided by crypto exchanges and you can use them without any internet connection once you download them.

Benefits of cold storage:

  • No direct connection to the internet make these kinds of wallets safer than you can ever imagine. Due to no internet connectivity, the chances of fraudulent activities are very much less here.
  • Another benefit is this wallet is not controlled by any third party. You can also have multiple backups to this wallet. You can store your confidential keys in several wallets for better security.

Drawbacks of cold storage:

  • One drawback of this wallet it consumes much time during the transfer of data and assets. . For each transaction, you have to open the wallet, copy-paste the transaction address from the wallet to the exchange platform, and then only you can make the transaction.
  • Another drawback is if you somehow lose your hardware cold wallet and don’t have any other backup, you would completely lose your cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency hot storage:

Hot storage is directly connected to the internet. That’s why they are popularly known as hot storages due to the constant risks of theft and loss of stability in the crypto accounts. These wallets are web-based wallets. Mobile wallets and computer wallets can also be hot wallets if you use them with an internet connection.

Benefits of hot storage:

  • This wallet is easily accessible. As they have a direct online connection you can use them from a mobile or laptop and access them from anywhere.
  • Another benefit is using this wallet is time-saving.
  • This wallet is good for a large amount of cryptocurrency storage and large hassle-free transactions due to continuous internet connection.

Disadvantages of hot storage:

 Internet platforms always remain vulnerable to fraudulent activity, so there are also chances to happen some disaster like that.

  • Another drawback is some trading platforms that offer hot storage control to a certain extent to ease up the transactions. But, it is sometimes difficult to blindly rely on them in terms of safety.


It is very much important to have proper knowledge about various kinds of crypto wallets, especially the one that you have selected to use. If you are in search of a reliable platform that facilitates crypto investment with safe storage then you can go for Yuan Pay Group which has become popular recently and is being used by many seasoned investors.