Tips for Choosing a Badminton Shoe

If you love playing badminton, then chances are you’ve realized how important the correct shoes are for playing a good game. There’s a lot of bouncing around the court required during this fast-paced game, and for that reason you need some comfortable shoes that are really good at wicking away moisture. You’ll also want to choose shoes that have a good power cushion which acts as a shock absorber, which will help minimize injuries. You’ll also want to choose shoes that have a generous footbed, as you need a lot of space for your toes to move. Keep reading to learn my top tips for choosing a badminton shoe. 

Moisture Control
One of the problems about playing badminton is that it can get quite sweaty – everywhere, including your feet. For that reason you want to choose shoes that are made with double russel mesh which provides much better air exchange when compared to normal shoes. This stops moisture from building up round your feet, which will help prevent blisters and fungus growth. When your feet are really sweaty they can also move around a lot more in your shoes, which can impact your overall game. Yonex Badminton Shoes are designed to be very moisture wicking to help keep you comfortable for your entire game.

A Good Power Cushion
If you’re playing a fast paced game, chances are you’re going to be running and bouncing around the court. Just as your car has shock absorbers, you’ll want some for your feet too. That will help you maintain balance when you’re moving around the court but it will also minimize the force that your leg will be absorbing, which will help prevent injuries. Not only do injuries impact your ability to play while you’re recovering from them, but there can be some that cause lifelong damage, so it’s very important to choose the right footwear for the game.

Generous Toe Bed

You want to choose shoes that have ample space in the toe bed, as this will allow your feet to work together cohesively to have the most natural movement. A shoe that is confined in the toe bed will limit movement and support, ensuring that you are not able to confidently move around the court which will directly impact your game. When you try your badminton shoes on, you should be able to comfortably move and wiggle your toes around without any resistance. This will help you have the most freedom of movement on the court as possible.

Choosing a badminton shoe doesn’t have to be too difficult with these three tips. I’m sure once you get your new badminton shoes you’re going to be delighted with how comfortable they are and how they allow you to play your best game.