Tips to score 95% in English paper of Class 9

When it comes to Board Exams, every student is nervous. And class 9 is the most significant period because the students have never taken a Board Exam before, and they must study for the impending major exam. However, getting good grades in 9th grade is not tough. According to experts, students who used the proper approaches received great grades. Scoring good grades in English can upscale your overall marks and boost confidence. As for many English is regarded as an easy subject, it becomes natural to think of it as an asset subject. Your English preparations should be excellent if you want to do well in the exam. Pay close attention to the full-text book, here the textbook referred to by CBSE is NCERT Books for Class 9 English Beehive. Read it, understand it and you will excel.

Know the Syllabus

The NCERT English book has the following topics:

Story chapters:

  1. The Fun They Had
  2. The Sound of Music
  3. The Little Girl
  4. A Truly Beautiful Mind
  5. The Snake and The Mirror
  6. My Childhood
  7. Packing
  8. Reach for the Top
  9. The Bond of Love
  10. Kathmandu
  11. If I Were You


  1. The Road Not Taken 
  2. Wind 
  3. Rain On The Roof
  4. The Lake Isle of Innisfree 
  5. A Legend of The Northland 
  6. No Men Are Foreign
  7. The Duck and the Kangaroos 
  8. On Killing A Tree 
  9. The Snake Trying
  10. A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

Below is the approach you should follow to get good marks in English

Read the whole textbook

The Beehive textbook of class 9 has poetry and story chapters, read them two or three times and you will understand them very fairly. Underline important lines or words and mark pages that seem confusing.

Understand thoroughly

English Subject is a fairly interpretation-oriented subject and rote learning is not the best way to do it. Understand the chapters and Poems as explained by your teachers. It is important to listen in classes as some lines are complicated and requires an expert interpretation.

Solve every question

At the end of each chapter or poetry, several questions are given and these are the questions that are eventually get asked in the exam. So do whatever your teacher had done in the class and look that you have done all of them.

Special focus on Poetry

Poetry is somewhat more difficult than the stories, as lots of phrases and words are put that are not easy to comprehend. Moreover, it is important to understand the tone and meaning of each line as conveyed by the poet, so do it carefully.

Make Notes

In school, making notes is very important. Whatever teacher dictates note it down carefully. For exams, these notes are of utmost importance.


Revising is essential for exams. You should have revised at least 2 times before giving the exams.


For English papers, it is beneficial if your handwriting is neat. Make your answers presentable and underline important keywords. Do not make many spelling mistakes and write attentively.

Tips to improve Overall Preparation

Some helpful hints will assist the student in completing the English subject paper and receiving a 95 percent grade.

Making a Schedule –

Students should always seek their parents or teachers for assistance when it comes to studying. They can advise you on how to create a schedule for class 9 in the most efficient way possible. Everyone should make a point of timing the activities according to the needs of the individual youngster. This means that each student in class 9 will have a different schedule. While some children may need extra help in English, others may be able to handle it on their own. As a result, a perfect schedule based on individual needs may be constructed. A time slot for revision and extracurricular activities should also be included in the schedule.

Sticking to the Syllabus-

The 9th-grade curriculum or syllabus covers all of the topics on which the questions will be based. As a result, pupils must adhere to the syllabus. The purpose of the reference books is to assist pupils. Those reference books are there to supplement the textbooks on the syllabus. The students’ main goal should be to finish the syllabus books, and in the process, they should read the reference books.

Attempting to Solve Previous Year’s Exam Papers-

Students should be familiar with the exam’s question format. They can do so by resolving questions from past years. It is preferable to set aside some time to solve five or eight years’ worth of question papers. This will provide them with a thorough understanding of the many types of questions that students can face during the exam.

Sleeping Properly-

The majority of students do not consider this to be a significant influence. We all know how important it is to study diligently. However, this necessitates adequate sleep. It would be exhausting to study for long periods. The brain requires rest to replenish its power and function properly. As a result, pupils should go to bed on time. When students start doing this regularly, they will be able to get up on time, feel refreshed, and concentrate better on their academics. This will gradually assist to relieve stress and frustration.

Tips while attempting the Paper

You should put the following tips and tricks into practice:

  • Attempt the sections of the English paper in the order listed below:
  1. Section A: The reading section should be tackled first because it takes a long time.
  2. Section B: After that, you should try the writing section, which demands a lot of thought.
  3. Section C: Finally, attempt the literature section, as this is the section with which you are most familiar.
  • Presentation

TIP 1: Write key terms in black pen.

TIP 2: Make sure your spacing is proper.

TIP 3: It’s a good idea to highlight key points.

Tip 4: Use a black pen to write headings and underline subheadings.

Follow the guidelines above to ensure your success in the English paper exam.


Moreover, Scoring good marks in English is comparatively easier, you just need proper strategy and a good command of the syllabus. Study attentively, improve your handwriting, make notes, revise and you are sorted.

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