Top 10 Creative Video Marketing Ideas For Your Business

In this modern era of technological advancements, video marketing has become the most powerful way to market your business or brand on online platforms. Yet, while blogs, articles, and website content can help your business reach more users on Google, business owners should likewise use video content.

Video content is another excellent way to boost your online brand visibility and generate more organic traffic. However, drafting a video script, shooting a video, and editing can all be fun and challenging at the same time. And, you know what’s more challenging? It comes up with creative video marketing ideas that can keep your online audience spellbound. Also, according to research, approximately 73% of online users are more likely to purchase a product marketed using videos.

So whether you are just getting started with your video marketing or looking for creative ideas, here are the top 10 creative video marketing ideas that work exceptionally well for every business type.  

1. Create High-Quality Product or Service Videos

No matter what you are attempting to market online, you would have higher odds of attracting more and more online users if you exhibit your product or services in action in a better light. So creating high-quality videos for your products or services is one of the most suitable ways to strengthen your brand presence and increase online sales.

For instance, if you run an online clothing store, you can shoot videos of models flaunting your clothing line or if you run a bike shop, shoot videos of someone taking a ride. The same applies to your service range, and if you are running a web application service business, you can create how-to videos of using such web applications.

2. Make an Advertisement for Your Business

Video marketing is getting more diverse day by day, and it helps companies remain stuck to conventional tried-and-tested methods. For instance, sometimes creating a simple video advertisement is an excellent way to promote your online business.  

And you know the best part? You do not have to spend as much money as you need on TV commercials. Also, with affordable investment in recording equipment and a free video ad maker tool, you can make high-quality video advertisements to attract more and more online users.

3. Post Informative How-to Videos

Hundreds and thousands of people use YouTube every day to look for valuable video tutorials on almost every topic. So, if you want creative video marketing to promote your business online, you can create how-to videos related to your product or services. These how-to videos can assist you in improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and reaching more online users. For example, if you sell bikes, you can make videos on choosing the perfect bike or how to fix your bike brakes.  

4. Showcase Your Company Culture

Recording videos showing your company culture can help your prospective customers and employees with how your company works. Furthermore, shooting your office environment can help prospective employees understand your workplace environment. These videos also help attract new talent and make them feel motivated.

5. Record High-Quality Video Testimonials

Sometimes the most suitable way to promote or advertise a new product or service is to showcase positive testimonials of your former clients to your prospective customers. Also, many online brands nowadays prominently display positive reviews and testimonials from their previous or existing customers.

While posting testimonials on websites is helpful, you can take a move ahead and create video testimonials where you can record your customers saying what they like about your service or product.  

6. Exhibit New Ways to Use Your Product or Services

Another excellent video marketing strategy you can use to create outstanding videos is to showcase brand-new ways customers use your products or services. You can do so by creating videos on how customers can use your products or services in different ways to see how valuable your products or services are.

7. Create Video Infographics 

Video content is much more suitable than text content to keep your online users engaged and keep your point across. While incorporating infographics in your blog or written content, you can create video infographics that can help you break down your content into small, engaging video formats to put them into context. In addition, you can try making some interactive video infographics that display the best aspects of your product or services.

8. Use Different Video Marketing Platforms

One of the fascinating things about video marketing is that it can capture people’s attention on a wide variety of platforms. While in earlier times, business owners used television advertising to improve their brand visibility, brands nowadays can use different social media platforms to post interactive videos and instantly catch new customers’ attention.

9. Create Behind-The-Scenes Videos

When speaking of “behind-the-scenes” videos, the first thing that comes to your mind is movie bloopers or other behind-the-scenes videos from a film set. These “behind-the-scenes” videos usually make everyone feel like they have sole access to this footage that can help you better relate to the acting cast.

So just like these behind-the-scenes videos by a film set, you can also try making such videos for your business that can help your online audience access your products or videos or an internal view of your company culture.

10. Make Engaging Employee Profile Videos

Employee profile videos refer to the videos that emphasize the insights of a particular employee within the organization. They may speak about why they like the business or show your online audience a “day in their life” and what their day at the job feels like.

This kind of employee profile video can help you put a face behind your brand to keep your users engaged. Suppose you feel you posted too many employee profile videos on different social media platforms. In that case, you can either upload only one video per month, or one of your company’s employees can go live from their FaceBook, YouTube, or Instagram handle and answer all the queries.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, video content marketing is one of the most suitable marketing strategies that every online business uses nowadays, so ensure that you accomplish it well. These video strategies can assist you in bringing your brand to the user’s attention of tons of new individuals, and with video marketing, you can become as creative as you want. In addition, videos can help you make your content engaging and rank your online business website higher in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).