Top 3 ways to keep kids entertained this holidays

Keeping the kids entertained is an age-old problem. You need some time, either to yourself or to sort out something else, especially in the run up to the holidays. When they all like different things and some ideas are more achievable than others, it can be really hard to know what to so, so weve put together this list of the top three ways to keep kids entertained this winter.

  • Indoor games

Obviously , when the weather outside is frightful, sending the kids outside to play isn’t much of an option this time of year. However this doesn’t mean you can’t keep them active, as there are plenty of options for indoor entertainment. To start simply, you can keep them entertained with board games, many of which can take a few hours to play or lend themselves easily to rematches, keeping them out from under your feet for a few hours. If your kids have too much energy for a board game, indoor sports like badminton or tennis can be a great way to let them get that energy out of their system without you having to entertain them personally. Once you’ve got them some tennis rackets and found a local indoor court, you’re all set for free saturday mornings to get ready for the holidays!

  • Art projects

While this is an effective tool for entertainment, you do have to be prepared o either tidy up yourself or be willing to make the kids do it! With the kids off school they might be missing the opportunity to get creative and use their brains to create something nre, so giving them an art project like asking them to make their own christmas cards can be a great way to get them out from under your feet whilst also nurturing their creative side.

  • Engaging chores

This one has to be trodden carefully, because obviously who wants to do chores? But if you can figure out something engaging or absorbing, like organising books by colour or drawing pictures of how they want their bedroom decorated in the new year, then this is a great way to keep kids entertained. Though they’ll probably grumble about whatever task you settle on, if it’s done in a fun way or with a clearly beneficial objective, then it might just keep them from causing trouble.

Keeping the kids entertained while you do all you need to do can be really challenging, but hopefully our suggestions have given you some fresh ideas!