Top 5 Places in The World to Host a Hen Party

Top 5 Places in The World to Host a Hen Party

When somebody is about to get married it’s often their friends’ responsibility to throw them a hen party. This is the female equivalent of a stag party, also known as a bachelorette party. It’s meant to give them one last taste of ‘unmarried life’ before they tie the knot. In some cases, there is travel involved, if the parties can afford it, to go to some of the best hen party locations possible. Acquire more information about traveling and other adventures on this dedicated website travel information. Here at are the top five places in the world to host a hen party, just to make a picking a destination little easier.


The party city of Europe is at the top of the list as one of the greatest locations to go for a hen party and should not be missed. There is no limit to the amount of stuff that can be packed into Dublin, Ireland, and the party might just roll over a few extra days if you aren’t careful, trying to fit everything in. Dublin, Ireland is packed full of basically everything a party needs to have a good weekend, from cultural experiences to the legendary drinking habits attributed to the Emerald Isles.


It’s a rare day to find someone who hasn’t heard of Barcelona, Spain, and the attractions it has to offer. Chief among them, and perfect for a hen party location, is the extensive beach. It’s listed as the number one out of the top ten city beaches in the world by many different institutes, and it’s well worth that spot. Find a nice spa and resort with its section of beach and escape with the bride-to-be into a whole new world for a few days, getting pampered and soaking up some sun to work on a nice wedding tan.

Dominican Republic

If you are looking for something other than just a single beach along with your resort, perhaps something a little bit more tropical, then you have a wide variety of options for getting away from it all. This is about beaches, and if you are looking for something other than just a single beach along with your resort, then this is the case. There are hundreds of different islands and tropical locations that are famous for their nightlife and their scenery that you can visit and enjoy. Some of these locations include the Dominican Republic for international travel and Hawaii for domestic travel. It is difficult to list just one of these places because there are so many. The vast majority of them are aware of this image, and as a direct result, they have established tourist attractions and resorts to capitalize on it.

Las Vegas

Of course, there is no way that this list could be considered complete without including one of the cities that has the title of “party capital of the world.” The city of Las Vegas, Nevada is known for its stag parties in the media; however, this does not mean that hen parties are unable to have a good time in the city that never sleeps. From male entertainment to a night out drinking, there is a lot to do in Las Vegas.


Finally, after all the time on the beach and out partying, it might be nice to find a cultural getaway. Budapest is the largest city in Hungary, and while it has notorious nightlife as well, it’s also a cultural hub, a perfect destination for those looking for a bit of winding down while still being able to enjoy themselves. Timed properly the party could even get to visit a lavish masquerade or ball. Check out the website travel TV ondemand for all your hen party ideas and more.