Use a Bakers’ Racks Anywhere in the Home

A kitchen bakers’ racks is one of the most useful furniture pieces you can add to your home’s décor. Use them in your bedroom, on the patio, in your greenhouse or garden, bathroom, and any other space. This multi-purpose piece is a storage solution that works everywhere. Let’s look at the different ways you can incorporate it into your home design.

We’ll start in the most obvious space, the kitchen. There are plenty of ways you can make the rack work for you here—store canisters for your dry ingredients on the bakers’ racks like sugar, flour, and rice. Or you can make it the snack bar and keep it stocked with cereal bars, bags of chips, popcorn, and other snacks your family frequently nibbles on.

Small kitchen appliances are another way to make use of the rack. Microwaves, toaster ovens, or even air fryers can sit on the bakers’ racks.

Are there coffee lovers in the home? Then a coffee bar isn’t a bad idea. With the coffee machine or Keurig on the main shelf, use the others for coffee additives and accessories. Non-dairy cream, stirrers, sugar, pods, and even teas can rest on the shelves. If the rack has cabinets or drawers, don’t neglect to use them for your storage needs.

You can also use the bakers’ racks for what it was originally intended, and that’s to cool baked goods. Place your freshly baked pie or cake on the rack, so it’s out of the way while you’re finishing up the main course. Or you can let the meats rest there after removing them from the oven; pot roasts, corned beef, turkeys, and other main courses.

Now let’s move to the bathroom. A bakers’ racks is a great way to keep towel sets organized and displayed. Keep one in the guest bathroom, and your visitors will have access to body washes, tissues, and any other toiletries needed to make their stay pleasurable. You can also set up a beautiful display using a collection of decorative soaps.

You can place a bakers’ racks in the entryway. Decorate it with plants and other ornamental trinkets to beautify your home. It can also be where you place your keys as soon as you walk into the home. That way, you never have to run around the house looking for them when it’s time to leave.

Do you occasionally enjoy a glass of wine? Are friends often over for game nights or other social events that are hosted in your home? If so, you should look into adding a bakers’ racks with wine storage in the dining room. It typically comes with an additional bottom shelf where larger liquor bottles can be stored. Glass holders are usually included for your stemware.

You can also store your fancy plates and glasses on a bakers’ racks kept in the dining area. Or, set it up as a dessert bar for guests when it’s your turn to host the book club. Use the drawers to store forks and spoons for visitors to grab as they pick up their plates.

Bedrooms are another place bakers’ racks can prove useful. Use the shelving for bulky items like blankets, pillows, and other bedding. Place one in your walk-in closet to stack your purses, or your lotions and perfumes. Turn the closet into a one-stop dressing room.

Is your garage suffering from a lack of organization? Add an industrial bakers’ racks or two and instantly transform the space. Use baskets to store loose tools on the shelves. If you’re working on a special project, keep the items you need on the bakers’ racks for easy access.

They’re not just made for indoor use. Bakers’ racks make wonderful multi-tiered plant stands that can sit on the patio. Place one in the garden for your trowel, pots, seeds, gloves, and other gardening accessories. They also make a great trellis for clinging and climbing plants like ivy.

As you can see, bakers’ racks aren’t just for bakers anymore. They are a piece that can match the décor in any room that needs extra storage. Think about your household’s lifestyle, and you’ll find a bakers’ racks that fits.