What Documents Should Be Attested In Dubai?

Attestation of documents is a necessary process when you choose to live in Dubai. This is a process of verifying your documents officially. There are multiple places that provide attestation services in Dubai. In this process, the official persons verify the record and attach an official stamp, and sign with the provided paper. It is generally done by any legally authorized person or a board or entity.

Why do you need to attest your documents in Dubai?

It is natural to be curious about why we have to attest certificates or documents in Dubai because it is not common in other countries. The rules and regulations of the UAE are a little bit different from other countries.

Every year many people from many countries move to Dubai in search of a better life and economical state. Among the whole population of the UAE, 88% of the population are expatriates and immigrants.

So, attestation of documents helps the officials to identify them individually and provide better security to the local people. Moreover, it gives you a better chance to get a work permit. If you want to apply for higher education, documents can make the whole process a lot easier for you. It can even help set up your own business there.

What documents should be attested to in Dubai?

A person can have a lot of documents, for example, personal documents, educational documents, commercial documents, etc. It is impossible to attest all the documents at once though you can attest all of them slowly.

There are few documents that are very important and require getting authenticated immediately if you have not done it yet. It can help you to avoid any fraud in the future while you are in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.

Here we will list all the essential documents below so that you can get help from it easily.

  1. Birth certificate attestation– Attestation of a birth certificate is a time-consuming process and can take more time than you have imagined. Attestation of birth certificates only can be done by the parents according to the laws of UAE. The birth certificates have to have the full name of the child, date and time of birth, place of birth, and obviously the name of the parents.
  2. Death certificate attestation– The laws of UAE ask to attest the death certificate of a person for a few special matters. For example, distribution of assets or matters related to these things. An attested death certificate should have the name of the dead person, place, and date of death, etc.
  3. Medical certificate attestation– Medical certificate is a certificate that contains a particular person’s health conditions and treatments if they require It could also consist of their past health condition or treatments. The governing authority asks to provide an attested medical certificate when someone wishes to get married.
  4. Marriage certificate attestation– This is a compulsory document for couples to get married legally as per the law of UAE. If someone wishes to get married and wants to live under a roof legally, they should have an attested marriage certificate.

These are some of the  binding documents that you need to attest to in Dubai. The process of authenticating documents is not so complicated. After verifying it, you will get a stamp of MOFA on the document as confirmation.

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