10 Best Ways To Make Math Fun For Elementary Kids

Math, as a subject is really fun to understand once the students catch the flow.  QuestMath online learning platform has come with 10 super fun ways to make math a fun and frolic subject for elementary kids. Here are some shortlisted best methods to introduce in our curriculum to help every child associated with us to fall in love with math, so teaching and learning math is not a matter of boredom anymore. Below mentioned are the 10 best ways from online classes to make math fun for elementary kids. Let us take look at them-

1.   Interactive Class Sessions

Taking part in QuestMath classes allows the students to get into an interactive session with highly trained teachers who can deal with all the questions and satisfy the kids with their answers.

2.   Share The Worksheets To Solve

Teaching math can be done in two ways; either by presenting the slide he/she has prepared or by spilling out the whole lecture prepared. Or by sharing colorful worksheets with the kids and asking them to solve as homework or a practice sheet.

3.   Organize Weekly Activities

Weekly activities could be any type of game that includes math anyhow. In addition subtraction activities through the marbles, drawing the shapes students observe in daily life, and quizzes competition.

4.   Encourage Domestic Math Talk

Domestic talks have got nothing to do with the talks in daily life but aspects that involve the math in some way or another. This activity allows the kids to stay connected to the external environment too.

5.   Raise Questions To Students

Talking to kids has two benefits. It helps to maintain an interactive environment and restricts the mind to get distracted. And the latter can be done by the very good exercise of asking an open-ended question, like “how many shapes do you see in the picture right now?”

6.   Increase Thinking Routines

Teachers can use math thinking routines to help integrate the Principles of Math Practice into their teaching cultures. Students must first notice before they can make meaning, reason, develop arguments, critique, or model.

7.   Engage Students Personally

It is simple. The teacher is taking a math problem. That problem has a random name of any person. Replace the name in the question with the name of any student in the batch. Students like their names to be called before their classmates.

8.   Explore The Math Applications

Google play store provides numerous math games apps that children can download on their computers or tablets and spend daily an hour on it. This increases the sharpness of mind to analyze the questions.

9.   Bring In Real Objects

For the teachers on the online platform, it is easier to bring the real object to explain the concepts. The reason is, that visual memories are the strongest memories and remain in the mind for a lifetime.

10. Integrate Math With Other Subjects

Math, if integrated with other subjects will help realize kids about its importance in every single domain of daily life. For example, teach biology and tell them that 70% of the body is made of water. Teach students the geography and tell them about the number of planets in the solar system and what percent is the land and water on earth.