Grow Tent Kits: Get Vigorous Indoor Plants Growth

Want to thrive indoor plants? Or, Looking for vigorous indoor plant growth?

Grow Tent Kit is an absolute solution as it can maintain proper light intensity and airflow that helps to thrive the plant and maintain vigorous growth.

Most grow tent kits are made with low-quality material that hampers plant growth. Also, these tents are a little difficult to install & maintain. To get rid of such issues, we are here with a complete guide that helps to set up the tent kits in a few minutes!

Still confused about the grow tent kits setup? Go through our detailed setup guide to get a quick clarification.

Grow Tent Kits Setup Guide

To set up grow tent kits, you have to follow multiple steps like assembling the grow tents, setting up the fan & carbon filter, hanging up the lighting system, installing the light or fan timer, and setting up a ventilation system. Let’s have a look at these steps in detail.

Assembling The Grow Tents

First of all, assemble the grow tent by framing the tent poles. It is better to make the base first and then go for the upper sections. It may take up to 10 minutes to set up the grow tents.

Once you’re done with the setup, it’s time to look for the crossbars in the ceiling. Actually, these bars are used to hang kits like lights, fans, or carbon filters. If you want to install a ventilation system in the tent, then use additional bars to make the base strong.

Setting Up The Fan & Carbon Filter

Fan & Carbon filters are made with heavy-duty material that offers supreme odor control and purification. For maintaining the proper growth of indoor plants, using these kits is a must.

Should I install the fan & carbon filter inside or outside? It completely depends on the size of the grow tents. If you have a large tent with wide space, you can install the fan & carbon filter inside the tent. Otherwise, we suggest you install the fan & carbon filter outside to save space.

Now, some premium grow tent kits come with a pre-filter in the carbon filter. As these pre-filters capture large particles, it helps the carbon filter to provide top-notch performance for years.

On top of that, these filters are easy to set up with the given diagram. In fact, these fan & carbon filters include multiple diagrams that you can use according to the size of the grow tents. Even if you’re a beginner with these kits, you can set up Spider Farmer growing kits within a few minutes!

Hanging Up The Lighting System

It is quite easy to hang the lighting system as most tent kits include ratchet hangers. If the kit comes with an adjustable pulley, you can fix a distance between the light and plant according to the needs of light.

Most people are confused between multiple led or central lighting systems. Let me clear you, the central lighting system is easy to install, requires little maintenance, and evenly spreads the light distribution. Hence, this system is ideal for single crop harvest.

On the other hand, multiple led sets are a little hard to install or maintain but meet the needs of different light intensities. As a result, these lights are ideal to cultivate different types of crops.

The only issue, some lights use air cooling mechanisms that need ducting hooked up to the fan or carbon filter. If you want to avoid such issues, it is better to use light with an installed cooling system.

Installing Light or Fan Timer

A light or Fan Timer helps to maintain the proper amount of light & heat on the growing tents. Besides, it can save energy and make the project more efficient in energy use.

To install the light or fan timer on the grow tents, you need a few electrical skills. Turn off the power of the tent and then connect the timer module to the system. Once the connection is done, turn on the power and set the timer according to the light and heat requirements of the crops.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we are at the end of our detailed guide. As we tried to cover all information about setting up growing tents, we hope this guide will help you in installation. Also, we have covered some quality kits that can offer vigorous indoor plant growth.

Grow tent kits can maintain proper light intensity and airflow that helps to thrive the plant and maintain vigorous plant growth. So, pick your grow tent kits right now & use our guide to set up in a few minutes!