10 Wonderful Medicine Nursing Scholarships

Becoming a nurse or a doctor requires a lot of studying. Mostly, tuition is far more expensive than on other courses. That is why getting a scholarship can greatly ease your financial situation. There are partial and full grants that students can get. Even with the first type, you can decrease the amount of loan you need to get from banks. Here you can learn more about popular scholarships.

Colorado Nurses Association Nightingale Grant

If you have Colorado residency, then you have a chance of getting a scholarship. Speaking about requirements, it is available for students starting from the second year and further. Those who participate in doctoral degree programs can participate too. To get it, students should have a GPA higher than 3.25, and graduates should improve their scores to higher than 3.5. Another important requirement is that after graduation, you must practice nursing in Colorado.

AAMN Foundation Nurse Student Essay Competition

Sometimes you can get small extra money for writing a good essay. This scholarship focuses on male students who want to become nurses. You should be in the last year before graduation to participate. Having poor writing skills? Consider getting nursing writers who can help with the preparation of high-quality essays for competition. That greatly increases your chances.

Medical Professionals of Tomorrow

It is a similar scholarship to the previous one, but it is available for many participants. The main requirement is to become a student of accredited nursing schools. Even if you are just planning to enroll in one, you can still take part. Applicants must write an essay on why they have decided to study nursing and what their goals for the future are.

NURSECorps Program for Scholarship

For those students who want to continue their studies to obtain a higher academic degree, this grant is a suitable one. If you have a bachelor’s, associate’s, or graduate degree, you can participate. It is important for you to be a USA citizen or having a lawful permanent living resident visa. This scholarship focuses on students who have the lowest income. Besides, after graduation, prepare to work in a Critical Shortage Facility for at least 2 years.

North America Nurse Leaders Grant

Active nurses with USA licenses can get a cover of all tuition expenses, including books, computers, living fees, etc. You can apply if you are a Canadian or USA resident. Speaking about education, you must have a completed three-year program together with clinical rotations in different clinical departments. Committee also pays attention to those applicants who are interested in achieving even higher degrees.

Minority Nurse Faculty Scholarship

Many students whose families have just recently arrived in the US do not have financial possibilities for proper education. Johnson & Johnson Corporation, together with AACN, offers a grant for minority applicants. To join, you must agree to continue studying in their programs even after graduation. Anyone can apply, but the committee prefers students in doctoral degree courses.

Health Professional Loan Repayment Grant

Anyone who studies medicine science to become a nurse or a doctor can benefit from this program. The main requirement is that you must be employed or under a contract while applying. Next, it is very important to provide proof of debt, so the committee can decide how large a scholarship will be. The sums can be very different and even cover the whole tuition. After taking this grant, you must continue working in this sphere for at least 3 more years.

After College American Association Clinic Nurses Scholarship

While pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree, you should consider this grant. It is available every year, and students can apply at different points of the semester. It mostly covers tuition fees with learning materials. You can spend the rest of the funds on your own, but it should relate to studying.

McNeil Consumer Health Rural and Underserved Grant

This one is suitable for students who already study for a master’s degree full-time in pediatrics. It is important to be a registered nurse and have at least one year of working experience in this field. Applicants must show that they are in need of financial assistance and agree to work in a rural area for two years.

Greta James Nursing Grant

This scholarship can offer financial help for those who plan to study at an accredited nursing school. Students must prepare an essay describing their experience and goals in the nursing field. The committee must understand why you are the one to receive a grant.

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