3 Tips to Remember When Buying NOMOS Glashutte Watches

In the market for a new luxury watch? Perhaps you want to explore other brands but have trust issues with quality, or maybe you’re already decided on getting a NOMOS watch but you’re a newbie and you want to know everything before buying from this brand. Whatever your dilemma is, we’ve got you covered!

In this post, we will be sharing with you 3 important tips when buying NOMOS Glashutte watches. Hopefully, these would help you make the best decision on your next purchase. Keep reading to learn more.

Are NOMOS Watches Good Quality?

NOMOS Glashutte is a young watch company based in Germany. The question of quality may be a point of concern for any potential buyer since they only began in the early ‘90s. Today, we buy from established watch companies that have been around for a while, others for more than a century. So, in the brief thirty years of their existence, what has NOMOS Glashutte proven so far? You can dig deep and indulge in forums among watch collectors and experts, and find that the commentaries often revolve around their affordable price points, clean and minimalist aesthetic, among other things. But there is not a single NOMOS Glashutte review where “poor quality” and “NOMOS” are used in the same sentence.

Since the company began, with its signature style and fresh branding, wearers around the world have been enjoying its robust timepieces that never fail to impress. This is one of the reasons why they made history in the world of watchmaking–they’re new in the game yet they are slaying it in the big leagues.

Now, let’s get started on the tips you should know when buying from the brand.

1. Know Your Style

For any enthusiast, collector, or watch wearer, it’s crucial to know your style. This guides you to finding the right qualities you want to see in a watch. That’s why in this bit, we’ll be highlighting three NOMOS Glashutte collections that would surely be of your interest.

NOMOS Tangente

The Tangente belongs to one of the four original watches of the company and it offers the most classic look. It includes signature angular lugs, a purely Bauhaus dial, and a sharp case design. Today, you are free to choose from across 22 unique models, some with a date complication. You may decide on getting one with the Alpha or the Neomatik caliber, and among the three collections to be mentioned, it has all the heritage that you’d want to find in a NOMOS watch. The Tangente is for you if you love watches with a clean aesthetic look.


Orion is also one of the four original NOMOS watches. There are over two dozen unique models to choose from, all with pneumatic cases and long elegant lugs. You won’t see Bauhaus Arabic numerals but stick indices and a clean rigid dial. Like the Tangente, you can go for the Alpha or Neomatik movement. Overall, Orion is for the crowd that shares a warm appreciation for beauty and simplicity.


This watch is one of the more recent models that debuted after the original four. You can get one of its 13 unique models, with more color options from the Neomatik. Metro is perfect for users who love to wear high-end models, as these come in precious metals. Metro is a fresh take of a watch because even though it is distinct from Tangente or Orion, its beautiful design finds its way to stay classically NOMOS.

2. Know Your Size

For wearers with slender wrists, small cases within the 27-33mm must make a comfortable fit. Those with larger wrists, on the other hand, can resort to timepieces that range from 38-41mm.

It might be worth noting that some wearers with slender wrists sometimes like to pick bigger watches and vice versa, but It’s completely up to you. For reference, the Tangente ranges from 35-42mm, Orion from 33-41mm, and Metro from 33-39mm. You can definitely pick models from other collections like the Tetra 27 duo Reference 405, among others if you have slender wrists. Rest assured that there is always a NOMOS Glashutte watch that is perfect for your size.

3. Know the Great History Behind the Watch

Did you know that NOMOS Glashutte watches like the Tangente 33 duo Reference 120/127 start at only 1,440USD? And if you want to purchase from a higher price point, the Orion 33 Reference 321/322 starts at only 1,920USD.

It seems many remain astounded as to why NOMOS Glashutte watches manage to stay affordable. Haven’t other companies been doing the same, making some of their watches affordable? What makes NOMOS so special is that they are an independent manufacturer. That means they create their very own “in-house” movements and escapements, just as bigger brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe. But for a watch company as young as NOMOS, being an independent manufacturer is unprecedented.

A company with 13 different collections that manufacture in-house movements like Rolex, despite being new in the industry, manages to sell at great and reasonable price points. And this still blows the mind of the watchmaking industry and avid wearers alike.


When considering NOMOS watches, affordability is just a side benefit. What you are really getting is a refreshing breed of timepieces from a company of humble yet record-breaking beginnings. So, if you are having doubts or would like to learn more about the specs and features of other models, feel free to visit WatchShopping.com for great deals and discounts. Until the next post, happy shopping!


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