4 Tips for Designing a Piece of Jewelry Perfect for Cosplay

Jewelry is an important part of every cosplayer’s costume, but it can be hard to find jewelry that is both functional and looks great. That’s why we put together these quick four tips for designing a piece of jewelry perfect for cosplay!

1: It Should Be Durable

No matter how beautiful it is, a piece of jewelry for cosplay needs to be durable. It will get hit and knocked around quite a bit in the course of an event, so make sure you spend some time searching out the most durable option you can find. Durability does not have to equate to weight, though – you can see the light but still very strong material. The most important thing here is to go for something you are happy with and will be able to wear for long periods of time without it becoming damaged.

2: It Matches Your Costume

The piece must fit with your costume. If possible, plan on wearing it at least once before investing in it, just to ensure that it matches up well with your costume. You can also enlist a friend as your test dummy and take photos of them in their outfit before buying a piece if possible. If a piece doesn’t match your costume, you won’t be happy, and you’ll probably end up not wearing it much. So make sure it looks good on!

3: It Should Be Lightweight

A lightweight piece of jewelry is sure to help keep your costume details in place. And if you’re going to wear a piece with a complex piece of hair or jewelry, the last thing you want is extra weight and an uncomfortable feel on your neck or shoulders. Heavy jewelry can pull on your hair and cause headaches. If you can’t find an alternative to avoid this, try wearing something like a wig cap underneath to help avoid issues.

4: It Must Be Comfortable and Easy to Take On and Off

Finally, what’s the point of a piece of jewelry if you can’t take it on and off easily? You want to make sure that your jewelry can be worn quickly and easily by yourself, especially if you have to swap out different pieces for different costumes. If you’re going to be wearing your piece of cosplay jewelry for hours on a daily basis, you need it to be comfortable. There are many choices out there, so look around and see what fits best with your costume and the natural shape of your body. Velcro or clips make great backings that allow you to adjust the size of a piece in order to fit on any size arm or neck.

To summarize, jewelry is just one more piece of clothing that you should start researching in order to make sure it will be perfect for your cosplay. If you’re stumped on what type of jewelry to buy, the tips above will help you find the right fit.