5 Creative Ways to Craft Your Own Camping Gear

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities that people enjoy doing all over the world. It has become a very popular pastime for many, especially those who have often been camping in their lifetime. With so much going on in campgrounds, we would not want it otherwise; thus, there is a lot of different camping gear available. This guide will focus on five creative ways to craft your camping gear.

1. DIY Fabric Daypack

A fabric daypack is an easy way to make a lightweight backpack with a few simple things you can find at home or nearby shops. This DIY camping bag can be used for hiking, biking, paddling, canoeing, backpacking, etc. The fabric is just like a sheet for sewing, and it does not matter much about its material because this method works best for any fabric. If you do not sew, you can opt for buying readymade bags from online stores to save time. Only two materials are needed to start crafting this backpack: a piece of fabric (any color) and a sewing thread.

2. DIY Lantern

You do not need technical skills to create a lantern using basic tools you probably already possess at home. All you need to do is gather some items you can find around your houseā€”a candle, string, batteries, and nails; then, tie them together in a circle shape and put a hole at the center. When done, you will notice how the light bulb inside shines through to illuminate your surroundings. It may sound easy but requires patience and practice before creating a perfect design.

3. DIY Tent Cover

There are several ways to construct a tent cover using common supplies found in every household. But if you want to go beyond what’s included in most kits, you might prefer making your shelter by cutting down some leaves and sticks to stick into the earth. Just think of it as a mini-forest where you can build your shelter without worrying about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

4. Journey Stick

As the name suggests, these are small rods made of wood that help people travel long distances during hikes or other outdoor activities. To carve these handy accessories, you can use wooden dowels, bamboo poles, and driftwood. Journey sticks are made of durable wood material and can hold heavy loads while providing enough strength for hikers and trekkers.

5. Nature Weaving

Nature weaving is a technique of weaving plant fibers to create various products such as mats, rugs, baskets, and hats. However, unlike traditional methods, nature weaving does not require complex techniques since the plants provide the necessary raw material to weave. To begin with, gather a handful of grasses, twigs, branches, and seed pods growing around your area. Then, cut off all unnecessary parts and arrange them on top of each other. Afterward, separate all the twigs and leaves to expose the strands of hair-like structures, which will eventually grow together to form beautiful patterns.

Camping isn’t always glamorous, sometimes we’d rather spend more time doing something else than packing our stuff and heading outdoors to explore new places and enjoy nature! So, try one of the ideas above to craft your gear instead of going for pre-made ones.