5 Unique Wedding Reception Trends to Try

Weddings are unique events, and the reception is often where the bride and groom show off their personality. So why not try something different? You can incorporate many trends into your wedding to make it stand out from the rest. These five ideas will add fun elements to your reception without breaking the bank.

1- Plan a Custom Buffet

The buffet is more flexible and interactive seating can be arranged around the buffet, so guests will mingle and get to know each other better while eating. The buffet also offers flexibility in terms of the guest count. You can increase or decrease the number of dishes according to how many people attend your reception, which means you won’t have any leftovers that go bad before you can eat them.

Buffets are environmentally friendly because they require less energy than serving drinks on individual tables with glasses, plus there’s no dishwashing required during or after your event.

2- Create a Lounge Area

Lounge areas are a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere. They can also be used as an area for guests to mingle and take a break from dancing. Lounge areas can serve many purposes. Some people choose lounge seating arrangements, while others like to incorporate a bar into their reception area.

3- Offer Late Night Snacks

One of the best ways to keep your guests awake and talking is to include something a little different or a little more decadent. Consider including late-night snacks to ensure that your reception is a fun and memorable experience. This can be anything from an intimate cocktail hour with passed hors d’oeuvres to an extravagant dessert buffet featuring ice cream sundaes and cotton candy cones.

4- Have a Candy and Dessert Buffet

Candy and dessert buffets are a great way to add a sweet touch to your reception. The candy buffet can be as simple as an assortment of candies in glass jars, or you can create a display with themed labels or wrapping paper. If you’re looking for something more formal, candy bars in custom boxes are sure to impress guests.

5- Create a Memorable Exit

One very important part of your wedding reception is the exit. The last thing you want is to leave your guests with a bad taste in their mouths, so make sure you’ve got something planned. Here are some ideas:

Have a photo booth near the exit where guests can take pics before leaving. You can have props for them or even have them write messages on the photos as they leave. Guests love having mementos from events like this one too.

 Have a dance floor near the exit so all your guests can get out on the dance floor before heading home. This will keep things lively and fun until the end of your reception, which means everyone will be smiling when they leave.

The trends above are sure to make your reception stand out. Why not incorporate them into your wedding? There are many options if you’re looking for a wedding reception trend, from a dessert bar and rentable furniture to an outdoor ceremony and plenty of ways to make your big day stand out from the rest. No matter what style you choose for your wedding, these 5 unique trends will help make it memorable.