5 importance ways to Improve your Writing skills

We all have been given a C or a lower B grade that crushes all of our spirits to perform excellence. At such a point, we lose all the motivation and energy to study harder but what we tend to forget is that studying smarter will get us an A grade, not harder. 

In this two-minute read, we will give you five crucial and proven tips to improve your writing skills so you can get an A-grade in your next assignment.

1- Focus extra on the punctuations 

Understandably, punctuation seems less important and hence is often ignored by almost every student. They think the ideas will convince the professor, but punctuation is no less important as they can change the entire meaning of an idea if used incorrectly.

So always proofread your assignment before submitting it to check if even one punctuation mark you have inserted incorrectly. We know it’s annoying, but hey, you want a good grade, right?

2- Know your school’s referencing protocols

Many students pay very little attention to the referencing protocols of their university; in fact, it is one of the most significant elements that could get you a good grade. Each of your professors will give you a very poor grade and strong feedback if you do not follow the referencing guide provided by the department. So make sure you adhere to that guideline and write accordingly.

3- Diversify your sentence structure

Generally, students think the more complex a sentence structure is, the better they will sound, incorrect. It is not your English language test; your professor is interested in the quality of the ideas you present in understandable language.

Diversity your sentence structure depending on the subject being discussed. You can write both a complex and a simple sentence structure.

4- Avoid alliteration

Make sure you do not repeat the ideas repeatedly only to fill in the gaps to complete the word count. You think you’re being over-smart and will outplay your professor if you keep mentioning one idea throughout your whole assignment. Well, okay, sometimes you can get lucky, but that’s not a sound academic practice. 

We’d recommend you play safe and do your homework properly, so you don’t have to use filler words. You can take some writing help from an expert to get more ideas too.

5- Go easy on the vocabulary

We know it looks fancy to use quality vocabulary, but this could get you in trouble on the contrary. Using an online thesaurus for a fancy-looking synonym can do more damage than good if you are unfamiliar with the word’s connotation. So, it is always safer to use the vocabulary you know fits in the right with the context, even if it is simple. 

Hey, how did you like this article? Did our tips help you to do better? Do let us know!

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