5 Reasons Your Essays Leave a Lot to Be Desired

When a student writes his or her essay, he/she must meet certain academic demands. They are related to writing skills, flow, readability, academic format, and so on. These demands are sometimes overly complicated and students need help.

One of the best options to solve academic issues is to request help on legit essay writing websites. They write high-quality papers of all types on any subject. Nonetheless, you have to work as well and improve what’s wrong. Some students don’t even realize that something is wrong with their essays. We want to open their eyes to the most important drawbacks. If you understand your problem, you will be able to resolve it. This informative article highlights 5 reasons why your essays leave a lot to be desired.

Hard to Read

The first reason why your essay needs improvement is the readability of your text. Too many times, students submitted essays with puzzled and confusing sentences or the entire sections. In most cases, unreadable texts appear due to the following issues:

  • Too long sentences;
  • Too long paragraphs;
  • Poor word choice;
  • Cramming many points in a single paragraph;
  • Illogical transitions;
  • A lack of clarity.


Another common reason why your essay isn’t that good is the inconsistency of the story. We have mentioned it partially right above. Many students do not make logical transitions. They simply go abruptly from one thesis to another. It’s a mistake because you are supposed to prepare your readers with a logical transition.

Poor Word Choice

The fluency and readability of every text are dependent on the language you choose. Oftentimes, readers could not get the point of an author because he/she used unknown words without any explanations. At times, students use stereotypical thinking. You should avoid:

  • Technical terms;
  • Abbreviations;
  • Slang;
  • Clichés;
  • Jargon, etc.

Grammar Mistakes

Problems with grammar are very typical for all writers and students. You should give heed to every word, tense, and even coma. An essay with many grammar and spelling mistakes is deprived of a lot of grades automatically. The most common drama mistakes are:

  • Wrong tenses;
  • Problems with comma placement;
  • Too many adverbs and adjectives;
  • Spelling issues;
  • Inappropriate lexicon, etc.

A good typer revises and rewrites his/her papers all the time long. You should never skip the revision stage! Otherwise, you will surely miss some of these mistakes.


The fifth reason why your essay leaves a lot to be desired is related to your repetitions. Many students repeat their statements in other words. It creates a feeling that the author doesn’t know how to continue the topic and simply tries to fill in the gaps. Besides, you should watch the words you use. Don’t repeat the same words too frequently. Try to use synonyms.

How to Improve Your Writing

After we have defined the main drawbacks, it’s necessary to understand how to improve your writing skills. There are numerous variants, and it’s good for you. We have chosen 5 options that are very effective. Make allowances for the next ways:

  • Educational Sites

The Internet is full of many educational platforms, which offer a wide range of learning literature. Most of them are non-commercial, and it means that you can access and download the documents for free! Every site will provide useful guides, tutorials, manuals, samples, and so on.

  • Online Events

You can join various online meetings that are dedicated to the current problems of education and learners. They are carried out by experienced educators who provide useful tips, recommendations, and strategies. They help to overcome typical issues, deal with any piece of writing, as well as improve any academic skill. You will find useful data by joining webinars, workshops, forums, discussions, presentations, etc. Commonly, they all are free of charge.

  • Regular Practice

Make sure you work out your writing skills every day. It’s important because this practice regularly stimulates your writing abilities and trains your brain. When we write (handwriting), we stimulate our cognition and thus develop ourselves. Write about 2 hours daily.

  • Learning Apps

You should not ignore special learning apps, which were developed for students. They help to complete a lot of functions and this significantly increases your productivity, as well as saves precious time. The common helpful apps are as follows:

  • Plagiarism checkers;
  • Grammar checkers;
  • Editors;
  • eBooks;
  • Citation generators;
  • Topic generators;
  • Organizers, etc.

Each app fulfills certain functions and can be successfully used to handle most of your tasks. Besides, these apps can be easily installed on any device for free.

  • Tutoring

If you feel self-education takes too long to improve your academic writing skills, consider hiring a tutor. He/she will become your loyal assistant to guide you through every hardship. Tutors are excellent teachers for students.

Consider Pro Assistance

If you ask “Who can improve my writing skills?” you may also use the help of custom writing services. Make sure you choose from the top websites. It makes sense because a professional website can surely solve all your complications.

Its experts complete all kinds of assignments in any academic direction. After they write your paper, be sure to revise it attentively. Figure out which tips and strategies were used to disclose the topic. Pay attention to the word choice, consistency, flow, and something of the kind. You may also learn a lot by reading:

  • Samples;
  • Blogs;
  • Guides;
  • Tutorials.

They are commonly offered on professional websites. Most of these materials are free of charge. Therefore, you can boost your skills without paying for that.

Summing Up

It’s very important to have advanced writing skills, as well as other academic skills. Otherwise, you will lose many grades when you write your academic projects. Use the tips we have offered and keep in mind common drawbacks. This will help to write high-quality papers and get only the highest grades.

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