7 Tips for Wearing Yeezys Like a Fashion All-Star

If you’re somebody who loves to look good, you give your outfit choices a lot of thought. You figure out what type of look you want to have that day. You choose the pieces that best convey that look.

One of the essential features of any outfit is the perfect pair of shoes. If you’re a fan of sneakers, you know that no shoe can top the feeling of wearing Yeezys.

Yeezys work with several types of outfits, but styling Yeezy sneakers can take some work. You have to account for what model of Yeezys works with different styles, for example. You may also need to choose different aesthetics to match your shoes.

Fortunately, we can help you wear these trainers like a fashion all-star! Check out our guide below for seven excellent tips for wearing Yeezys.

1. Wearing the Yeezy 750

The Yeezy 750¬†model comes in tonal colorways. They’re not usually the kind of shoes that you use to make a bold statement. Instead, they’re more subtle, coming in gray, brown, and black.

If you’re somebody who prefers flashy outfits or colorful accents, these tones may disappoint you. But, these characteristics make the 750 a perfect shoe for a wide array of looks.

For example, you can wear black versions with an all-black suit. The same holds for gray shoes with a gray suit.

You can also wear these sneakers with a more casual look. For example, if you wanted to wear a white T-shirt and jeans or a monochromatic black outfit, Yeezy 750s are perfect for these.

2. Wearing the Yeezy 350

The Yeezy 350 doesn’t take a lot of work to style well. These shoes have a simple, straightforward silhouette with an enormous variety of colorways. So, they offer endless options for somebody who wants to dress up or dress down.

Several celebrities have worn their Yeezys with tons of different looks. Some go for a more Kanye-approved look, wearing long, baggy shirts and ripped jeans with their shoes.

Others get a little bolder, sporting flashy and colorful outfits with darker shoes to tie the look together. These are excellent choices if you want to dress down.

On the other hand, some people may want to wear more comfortable alternatives to dress shoes. In these situations, Yeezy 350s offer several possibilities.

You can opt for white shoes and a blue suit, for instance. Or, you can make your outfit a mix of formal and comfortable. For example, you can choose black jeans and Yeezys along with an overcoat and T-shirt.

3. Yeezy 700s and Yeezy 500s

Both of these Yeezy models fall under the big shoe category. Their primary differences come in their tonal options.

Yeezy 700s usually feature two or three colors, making them a lot more fun to mix and match. In contrast, Yeezy 500s typically stay monotonal.

Whichever you choose, both shoes work excellently for activewear looks. Track pants, sweatpants, and gym shores all make these shoes look perfect.

If you choose to wear more monotonal shoes, you can make them pop by getting creative with socks. Choose a pair of socks that embellishes your outfit and its color scheme. In doing so, your shoes will stand out even more.

4. The Yeezy 380

The Yeezy 380 model of shoes is one of the most difficult to style. The reason for this is that these shoes aim to make a statement alone. They offer several eye-catching designs that make them challenging to coordinate.

If you want to rock a pair of 380s, it’s often best to wear them with simple, less colorful outfits. Blacks, whites, and grays are excellent choices. Once again, hoodies, sweatpants, leggings, and gym shorts complement these shoes nicely.

5. Yeezy Foam Runners

The Foam Runners is one of the easiest shoe styles to wear. These are shoes designed to look and feel comfortable. So, choose outfits that carry the same look.

There is a trick to making these shoes pop, though. Whatever outfit you decide to wear, a strong sock game is an excellent asset. Choose socks that contrast with the shoes smoothly while also fitting your outfit.

If you’d like to find out more¬†about how to wear Yeezys in this model, don’t worry! Experiment with different looks and check out some looks Kanye’s gone with. Eventually, you’ll rock these sneakers like a pro.

6. Tips for Women Wearing Yeezys: Choosing the Best Jeans

These next two tips are for the ladies in the audience! Sometimes, you may want to wear your Yeezys with a stylish look that makes an impression. In those situations, you may wonder what jeans look good with a pair of Yeezys.

First, decide on the Yeezys you want to wear based on those we’ve already described. From there, you can find the best jeans more easily.

Kanye typically wears tapered jeans that have a loose fit around the waist. Then, the pants have a more narrow fit towards the bottoms.

If you want to rock your jeans with Yeezys, why not try the same look? This way, the pants fit comfortably around your hips and waist. You can even wear long pants that bunch up at the bottom to get a fuller effect.

If you have slimmer hips, try wearing skinny jeans in either blue or black denim options. These can really make your look pop!

7. Yeezys for Active Wear

For the last few years, activewear has been quite the fashionable look for women. You can tap into the Yeezy’s full potential by wearing them with solid-color leggings and jogging pants.

This approach makes a fabulous look that works great for the gym or running errands around town. Look through your leggings and see what jumps out at you for an outfit idea!

Start Styling Yeezy Sneakers Today!

Wearing Yeezys in the best way can be a challenge at first. But, with these tips, you can find several ways to make your shoes work for you. So, don’t hesitate; start styling Yeezys today!

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