7 Tips to Choosing the Right Exterior Door for Your Home

Exterior doors are the first things that people notice when they enter your home.

That is why it is so important that they make a positive impression. It is not just about stylish appearance: modern door constructions should protect your home, make it more comfortable, reduce electricity bills, and increase the total cost of the house.

We have prepared for you the top 7 tips that will facilitate your search for new exterior doors:

  1. Material

The four main materials used for entrance doors production are vinyl, fiberglass, wood and steel.

  • Wood

Appeal to those who prefer classic style. The most popular types of wood used for production are maple, walnut, mahogany, spruce and oak.

Wooden doors look elegant, but require constant care: varnishing and painting that will help to extend their service life. We recommend checking them regularly for wear, as wooden products are easily deformed and can rot in a humid climate.

  • Steel

It is considered one of the most versatile and economical options. This material is stronger than wood and less prone to wear: it is not deformed or cracked.

Steel can look like any other material: you can choose any finish you like.

  • Fiberglass

Suitable for those customers who want doors that look like wooden ones, but at the same time more simple to care for. Fiberglass can be painted in any color desired, as well as give any texture.

Do not buy very cheap fiberglass doors, as any impact can cause cracking. Quality fiberglass is quite an expensive material.

  • Vinyl

One of the most popular materials for the manufacture of door structures. It is practical: does not need special care and does not wear like wood. The vinyl does not crack and perfectly withstand different temperature variations.

For your convenience there is a large selection of designs, so you will be able to choose what suits best the style of your home.

  1. Fastening

The traditional hinge system is not the only way to mount your front door. There are options of the doors installation with a vertical hinge or with hidden hinges, you can also choose the side where the hinges will be placed. In addition, you decide whether your doors will open inside or outside.

  1. Safety

In this case, it is not only the material from which the doors are made. As practice shows, vinyl, quality fiberglass and steel are roughly equal in terms of strength.

However, if you plan to install a door with a window, make sure that the glass is strong enough to withstand a hammer blow and prevent possible break-in, and is also sufficiently tinted to block out unwanted eyes.

Choose a high-quality locking mechanism, with the latch no less than one inch in length.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Want the house to be warm enough in winter and not too hot in summer? If yes, you need energy-efficient doors.

Vinyl products are the best choice for those who need energy-saving structures:

  • Sections inside such doors are usually filled with styrofoam.
  • If windows are provided in your designs, the space between the glasses is filled with inert gas, for example, argon. For even better energy efficiency the glass has the LoE type coating. It will prevent heat loss during the cold season, and will also not let much heat in during the summer.

This way you are able to save on electricity and always feel comfortable at home.

  1. Color

In addition to traditional options (white or wood), delicate pastel colors of doors are booming now.

Bright colors that will serve as a vibrant accent for your entire home are also very popular. If you are open for experiments and it fits the overall design of your home, look at the doors of red, black, blue and orange colors.

  1. Door width

In addition to the doors of traditional sizes, wide doors are now in demand. They look great on large houses, as they highlight their size and attract even more attention to design.

  1. Mounting

Pay attention not only to how your door is manufactured, but also to the quality and installation of the door box. The thing is, most of the heat doesn’t leak through the door, but through the door box.

This happens if the installation is poor. For example, the threshold does not fit snugly and there are gaps through which fresh air seeps.

To avoid this, choose a reliable contractor who knows all the nuances of exterior doors installation.

We recommend using the services of Vinyl Light Windows & Doors. They know exactly how to install the door, so that it will serve you for a long time and is the most energy-efficient!

On the company website you will find a huge selection of different exterior doors for every taste and budget. Vinyl Light representatives will gladly advise you on all questions and help you to choose the option that will best fit into your design and make the house even more pleasant for life.