9 Technologies That Have Shaken the World to Its Core

9 Technologies That Have Shaken the World to Its Core

Technology has come a very long way. Many technologies that previously seemed like magic are now a part of our daily lives. And, the advancements don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. They are continuously evolving in attempts of turning our fantasies into realities.

Let us look at some of the technologies that are truly revolutionizing the world. They include modern and promising technologies in all aspects of life including medicine, transport, communication, entertainment, and so much more. Without any further delay, let us look at some of them in a little detail.

3D Printing

3D printing has been around  for quite some time now. However, it is still on the road to becoming even better and is transforming various sectors of the world. Over time, 3D printing has become more affordable and compact. It is now even accessible for the common man for personal use.

It is changing all kinds of industries, including, automotive, medicine, arts and entertainment, engineering and so much more. Whether you want to print a custom engine component for a car or create a special body part for a person, 3D printing is the modern way to do it.

Smart Glass

Glass is not that simple and fragile as it used to be in the past. Now, we have entered the world of Smart Glass. They are filled with all sorts of cool and amazing possibilities. As if the concept of touchscreen wasn’t enough, now you have bendable glass that can turn opaque from transparent.

Such a form of glass is changing how our offices and homes look and behave. No more are your windows just windows. They are capable of turning into walls or even into a giant touchscreen where you can control the thermostat and do much more. Such technology is significantly contributing to turning this world into a smart world.

Bionic Enhancements

In the old days, the concept of becoming a cyborg was limited to movies and games. This is not the case nowadays. With the advancements in medicine and bionic enhancements, becoming a cyborg is actually possible to some extent.

Bionic enhancements have taken human evolution to a whole new level. From creating prosthetic limbs with the help of 3D printing to enhancing basic human capabilities to being able to actually hear color, the world of bionic enhancements will truly turn humans into something different.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Smartphones may actually be extinct soon. With the advancements in virtual and augmented reality, we have been introduced to technologies such as Smart Glasses, Holograms, and much more.

We have already interacted with these technologies such as Pokémon GO, VR Goggles, HoloLens, and much more. It won’t be long before these technologies become a commonly available necessity.

Regenerative Medicine

You may be skeptical about the concept of regenerative medicine, but the truth is custom-made body parts may be common soon. The way it works is that doctors use cells from a human body to grow human body parts in a lab. These body parts can later be implanted into the human body.

Just think of the possibilities such a technology will have to offer. Humans handicapped from birth will be able to get body parts to improve their life, patients who might have lost a limb in an accident will be able to get their limbs back.

Self-Driven Cars

Many big corporations have already introduced cars that are autonomous on some level. Companies like Tesla, BMW, General Motors, and a few others are already working on bringing self-driven cars to the common man.

The concept of self-driven cars, if truly becomes a norm, will have limitless possibilities. While the cars will be able to automatically communicate with each other, traffic accidents would be avoided more easily. Who knows, we might even be traveling in flying cars in the future.


5G is a technology that many people have their eyes on. The thought of being able to transfer GB’s worth of data in mere seconds is something everyone would love to get their hands on. While it is available in some parts of the world, it will take some time before it makes its predecessor, 4G, completely extinct.

With the need for faster and more reliable connections constantly rising, it is only a matter of time before 5G becomes the new normal. Many smartphone companies, including Apple, Samsung, and Huawei have already launched smartphones that are compatible with the 5G technology.

Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi is not going to stay behind in this race either. We will soon live in a world where the new Wi-Fi 6 will be the way you connect to the internet. In addition to giving you a significant speed boost, Wi-Fi 6 will offer a whole new world of connectivity.

It will allow you to save up on your device’s battery, and also offer better connectivity in large crowded areas. It only makes sense that you have a worthy internet service such as Spectrum internet that complements the power of Wi-Fi 6. Simply hop on to BuyTVInternetPhone and subscribe to this wondrous internet service right now.

Internet of Things

The world of the Internet of Things is filled with limitless possibilities. From virtual assistants in our homes to fully automatic manufacturing capabilities, there isn’t much that cannot take help from the wondrous Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things has turned our homes into smart homes, our cars into smart cars, and even simple coffee machines into smart coffee machines. You cannot even imagine ever living in a world without such technology.

Moreover, it has allowed for great advancements in various industries, including agriculture, medicine, retail, military, and many more. It has allowed for a more automated and efficient environment for all these industries.

Summing It Up

These are only some of the technologies that are impacting the world in a major way. While they may seem mere luxuries at the time, they have the potential to be the necessities of the future. So, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next big thing.

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