A guide on choosing a life jacket for kids

During the summers, many parents, along with their kids, enjoy their days around the water. Whether it is a lake, beach or pool, water safety should be the top-most priority. Hence, when you take your kids swimming or boating, you must ensure they have their life jackets on. After all, they are extremely safe and effective in preventing drowning. There are many advantages to kids’ life jackets. So, it is necessary to purchase them.

What are the benefits of life jackets for children?

Life jackets are extremely crucial for kids as they can save their lives. So, you can keep reading to learn their advantages.

  1. The children’s heads will remain above water: Since kids have less body fat than adults, they must always wear life jackets while boating in deep waters. Children not wearing life jackets will have difficulty breathing if they fall in the water. That’s because their heads will constantly drop below the surface of the water.
  2. It encourages children to learn to swim quickly: If you want your kids to develop fundamental swimming abilities, you will have to shop for the perfect life jacket. When you pick life vests, you will feel confident and secure knowing that your children are safe and won’t drown.
  3. It increases the visibility of the children: You might want your little ones to be visible to other boaters on the water. Since the kids are small, the boaters can mistake them for something else if they don’t wear the life jackets.
  4. The fear of water can be reduced: Some children are apprehensive about going near the swimming poolor the beach. That’s when you can use life vests or life jackets to assure them they are secure and safe.

How do you choose the best life jackets for children?

Every life jacket is designed differently, and it is crucial to choose the best one. Read on to gain a few tips on how to choose them.

  1. Pick a life jacket for your activity: You must pick the appropriate jacket for specific water conditions and type of activity. The offshore life jackets are great for remote water, open oceans, and rough seas where swift rescue is tough. The near-shore buoyant vest is best for general boating activities and for inland and calm waters where a swift rescue is possible. The floatation aid is suitable for calm and inland waters only. Also, it is lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear for an extended time.
  2. Choose the design: You must consider the design of the life jacket before making a decision. You will find three styles of kids’ life jackets: inflatable, inherently buoyant, and hybrid. Inflatable jackets can be inflated manually or deployed on submersion automatically. They are not suitable for activities that involve water entry frequently. Inherently buoyant jackets don’t require a lot of maintenance and are durable. Hybrid jackets are made from the combination of an inflatable chamber and buoyant material. They are not appropriate for all water activities and need constant maintenance checks.
  3. Ensure it is the perfect fit: It is imperative that the vest fits properly. Some parents purchase really large jackets, assuming that their little ones will grow into them. If the vest is too large or too small, avoid them completely. It would be best to check the sizes online and compare them with the size your children wear.


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