A guide on vaping devices and E-liquids

After the E-cigarettes introduction in the Australian market, There was a considerable conversion of conventional tobacco smokers to E-cigarette users. Especially the more attractive E-liquids from companies like charlie’s chalk dust made it more feasible to many people. There is an increase from 9% in 2016 to 11% in 2019 in E-cigarette smokers in Australia. Many of these smokers are regular tobacco smokers who try to quit tobacco use. The world of E-cigarettes is extensive, and having in-depth knowledge will be helpful. There are several manufacturers and retailers in Australia with various types of vaping devices and E-liquids. Reading this article will help one to select the right one easily.

Types based on the class of users

  • Beginner: The vaping devices for beginners are much simpler. Several manufacturers in Australia produce starter kits of vaping devices for beginners. It allows the person to understand the basics of vaping and the functionalities of the vaping device.
  • Intermediate:The devices for intermediate are a bit more complex than the beginner level vaping devices. Also, the machines have some beneficial features to make them more viable for daily use.
  • Advanced:These vaping devices have modern features like adjustable wattage control, puff counter, battery status indicator, etc. It allows the use of different types of E-liquids.

Types of vaping devices

  • Cigar E-like:It is the most basic vaping device with the least cost. It is more similar in size and shape to a cigarette. Usually, these are one-time use devices and do not have any features or controls. Tobacco smokers prefer this device. The size and shape of the devices are comfortable to have around.
  • Pod mod:These are the advanced refillable vaping devices. These are suitable for starters and regular users, and the device allows using various types of E-liquids. These are larger than usual pen types or E-cigar like vaping devices.
  • Box mod:These devices got their name from the boxier design. The slightly larger body of the device allows having larger batteries for more extended use. The sub-ohm vaping and advanced temperature control in the machine helps use it more efficiently. Also, these devices will have various functionalities and are suitable for people with knowledge of using vaping devices.

Types of E-juices

The fundamental components of a vaping machine are E-juices. It allows the person to experience different flavours and types of E-juices. There are manufacturers like charlie’s chalk dust which makes various flavours of E-liquids to choose from.

The common flavour types of the E-juices are,

  • International:Imported E-liquids of various flavours are now available in Australia. It includes fruits, candies and many other flavours.
  • Local:As vaping increased in Australia, the local manufacturers also started to produce E-liquids with various flavours.
  • Fruits:Fruits are a feasible option for many people, including starters. There are several fruit flavours available like grapes, watermelons, etc.
  • Candy:It is also a better option to choose the favourite candy flavour of vaping devices. It will allow the consumer to enjoy their favourite candy flavour.
  • Dessert and pastries:These are useful for both starters and regular users. The dessert and pastry flavour add an enjoyable experience to vaping. Chocolate milkshake, banana milkshake, strawberry milkshake, etc., are the most common of these types.
  • Mint and menthol:These flavours allow the person to have a cooling effect with vaping. These vaping flavours can enhance the refreshing sensation.
  • Tobacco style:It is the best option for people who try to quit or reduce regular cigarette smoking. These vaping liquids have a varying concentration of tobacco effect, which helps the user to decide.



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