All about Seoul Stars: the newest K-pop NFT craze

If you too are a fan of K-pop, interesting technological breakthroughs, and all things related to the vast industry of gaming, chances are that this game has already piqued your interest. 

Centered around a K-pop star called Yuna, this NFT game will have you earning as you sing while enjoying engaging with the first-ever K-pop star experience in the metaverse. 

The second big name stems from the same developers that dropped the record-breaking game called SolChicks, this take is no less inspiring nor perspective. Who is Yuna, what is play-to-earn and how can a $SSTAR token be your next big investment? Let’s break it down.

What is NFT gaming?

To understand Seoul Stars, we first want to take a look at the concept of NFT gaming, born out of the excellent combination of the finance and the gaming world. 

What was once an activity done mostly for enjoyment, gaming has recently turned into a widespread and easily accessible business model, where players are taking up new responsibilities due to the fact that they now own a large amount of in-game assets.

Unlike traditional video games where the player could not walk away with the items he or she achieved during a game because of the fact that he or she did not individually own it, NFT-powered games have made a drastic change that has shaken the industry for the better.

Due to the incorporation of blockchain technology, players now actually own what is theirs within the game and are free to do with these assets as they please. Most of them opt for selling these items in an NFT marketplace, thereby earning themselves a nice gaming profit. 

What is the Seoul Stars game?

Consider Seoul Stars as yet another breakthrough, where the worlds of finance and gaming have been combined with the world of K-pop. With three immense and growing industries behind it, the game shows great long-term potential for both fun and return on investment.

To simplify, it is a karaoke game based on the interesting sing-to-earn mode, where the star of the show named Yuna, coming in the form of a non-fungible token, will be turned into a 3D K-pop idol who will produce music, release albums, as well as host concerts. 

The objective of the game is to produce a realistic K-pop experience, where the player kicks off as a star who is devoted to building their career. Think of singing, challenges, and more. 

If you’ve always wondered if you have what it takes to succeed in K-pop, this is your chance.

What is the Seoul Stars Yuna NFT?

The game revolves around Yuna. Keep in mind that the initial phase of the game includes a total of these 10,000 unique non-fungible tokens, whose possession comes with a strong set of benefits.

The holders of Yuna NFTs will be encouraged to interact in the game. Owning one of these NFTs allows players to join in on the discussion of the game’s future and the future of Yuna. 

Not only this but Yuna NFT holders will have: 10% of profits from Yuna’s debut album; 10% of profits from Yuna’s first 5 concerts; 5% cut of streaming & advertising profits; free access to shows; access to song pre-sales; access to the process of song production; access to vocal training sessions; access to the possibility of influencing the lyrics of Yuna’s songs. 

Keep in mind that now is the time to make the choice. The Debut album is set to release in July 2022, with the concerts beginning in November 2022.