4 Best Books On Cryptocurrency All Beginner Traders Should Read

Getting into crypto is no easy feat, so if you wish to do so you’ve probably tried to look for some books to give you a jumpstart. If that’s the case then look no further as we’ll be going over the books that we believe every beginner trader should read to get to know the world of crypto better, from currencies such as Bitcoin to exchanges such as Maiar exchange.

You may not need to read every book on this list, but the more you do the better. Just pick the one that sounds like it’s the most interesting and a good fit for your needs and start from there. The first step is the most difficult but every single one after that will be slightly easier than the last.

The Book Of Satoshi by Phil Champagne

This book goes into detail about the creator of Bitcoin who is known as Satoshi Nakamoto. This man is shrouded in mystery and the book explores everything from internet posts made by him to theories from the author as to how this man could have created something as massive as Bitcoin while remaining completely anonymous. 

Getting to know how cryptocurrencies began is a great place to begin understanding them as they are today. This book would even be a great read for those who don’t want to begin trading as the phenomenon of Satoshi is intriguing.

Bitcoin From Beginner to Expert by Christian Newman

This book mostly covers bitcoin but also has a decent bit of general knowledge of cryptocurrencies. It works as an excellent starting point for aspiring traders since it isn’t too complicated to be impossible to understand as a beginner. 

This book is a perfect fit for someone who is a blank slate per se and pretty much has little to no knowledge of cryptocurrencies to begin their journey as smoothly as possible.

Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

This book goes into great detail on how important decentralization is for cryptocurrencies and all the technologies that allow them to exist. An amazing starting point for anyone interested in the world of crypto as it contains most if not all the information that you need to begin your journey.

The original version was published in 2014, but we recommend the updated 2017 version which is more relevant for today and contains additional info which is important to understand to see why Bitcoin is as big as it is.

Cryptocurrency by Abraham K. White

This book contains the basics of everything crypto-related. From mining to trading different currencies and everything in between. It was released in 2017 and is still relevant today despite all the new developments due to discussing core concepts more than specifics.

Another excellent entry point into crypto and still a decent option for a second read if you choose any of the other books before it. If you have friends who are still on the fence about if they are interested in crypto or not then this one would be a great option to give to them to spark an interest.


We believe that these 4 books contain all the written knowledge you need to have a good head start in the world of cryptocurrencies. It may seem scary at first but after reading these we think that it will seem less daunting and more interesting than ever before.

We hope that you will not only gain the knowledge you were looking for from them but also have fun reading them and gain even more interest in crypto than you had before as it really is easy to lose track of time when you get into the flow of learning everything there is to know. Best of luck in your crypto endeavors.