Beautiful face of Dubai: houses from books pages

Oriental design

Probably, many will agree that beautiful houses in Dubai are the embodiment of a fairy tale.

It is difficult to get rid of oriental motives in architecture, and there is no reason for this. Light decoration of mansions, openwork balconies, graceful forms – everything is thought out for the little things. In this sunny country, in addition to comfort, functionality and maximum naturalness of materials are appreciated.

The developer company has attracted buyers’ attention with about three hundred houses, which are located next to an artificially created harbor. Beautiful southern plants, shrubs and flowers surround the buildings, transforming the area into a lovely garden. Inside, the mansions are decorated in different styles – from classic oriental to modern.

A riot of greenery, mini waterfalls, rocks, pagodas adorn the wonderful houses in the area.

The goal of the architecture company is to create a decent place to live, not a boring tenement skyscraper without water and plants. Therefore, the site looks more like a garden or park than a regular residential area.

The company has approached the design of each house individually, which makes it stand out from its competitors.

Construction of wooden houses in Dubai

Dubai is a country within a country that has made a huge leap in economic development in a short time. Over the course of several decades, its inhabitants have moved from fabric tents to modern skyscrapers. They build here luxuriously, expensively, for many years, without saving on the quality of materials.

But in recent years, an interesting trend has emerged in the construction market of the United Arab Emirates. Due to the sharp rise in cement prices, timber construction is gaining momentum here. Residential low-rise buildings in the suburbs are not uncommon here for a long time: Arabs love modern technologies and materials, and glued beams provide unique opportunities for building unique houses on a grand scale.

If you look at the examples, you can see that the dominant style here is loft or contemporary, when the outlines of the house smoothly merge with the natural landscape, which in most elite areas is a combination of sandy coast and ocean. Glued laminated timber, with its natural yellow-beige shades, meets the needs of such modern construction in the best possible way. Wooden houses are less hot in the sun, it is easier to maintain a comfortable temperature there due to the high wood density.

Wood construction has become so firmly embedded in the modern realities of the Emirates that a large-scale project for the construction of multi-story wooden houses is planned to start soon in Dubai.

Construction of houses from Angara pine, cedar, larch is popular among the residents of the United Arab Emirates. Projects of wooden houses in Dubai combine reliability, quality, environmental friendliness.

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