Become a frontline warrior: 7 reasons to pursue a nursing career

If you are an altruist at heart, no career can be more pleasing than one that allows you to help others out. Among other career options, healthcare work is one of the most highly satisfying and rewarding jobs that such people can opt for. Especially in the prevalent pandemic crisis, the role of frontline healthcare workers has become all the more important. Although doctors are the first ones who come to mind when thinking about healthcare, the role of nurses is also indispensable to the health sector. Nursing is a highly rewarding career choice, and there are many reasons why anyone may pursue it. Here are a few reasons, amongst many others, that might convince you to choose nursing as your profession.

  1.     Never ending opportunity to advance your career

Nurses continue to learn and grow in their field for as long as they wish. It depends on what goals you want to achieve. However, the opportunities are endless. Once you have established yourself as a nurse in a reputable hospital, you can continue learning by entering programs like additional degree courses. The first step is to earn a certificate as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). After that, you can either get an Accelerated Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or enter a Master’s degree program (Master of Science in Nursing). With an MSN degree, many new career opportunities open up, and you can advance in your field.

If you are wondering how long does it take to get a masters in nursing, rest assured that its pace is mainly in your hands. If you wish to complete the degree as quickly as possible, you can earn it earlier by taking more courses per semester and focusing more on your studies. However, the amount of time it takes to complete an MSN depends on several factors, including the institute’s format and the program outline, etc.

  1.     Nursing lets you put your compassion to work

Nursing is a career that allows you to help those truly in need of support and assistance. Nursing is more than just following medical procedures. It involves building a relationship of trust and support with your patients and assisting them in recovering completely from an otherwise debilitating condition. Nurses promote a patient “be strong be healthy” nurses offer their patients comfort and compassion, make them feel valued, and support their families in times of intense stress. For those who get satisfaction by helping others, this profession is gratifying.

  1.     Your community needs nurses

If you have been planning to apply for a nursing position, now is the time! Covid-19 has left a devastating impact on the community’s general health, and the healthcare sector is in dire need of healthcare professionals willing to help out. Currently, the National Health Service sector is in high demand all across the globe. Nearly a million people globally have been affected by the Covid-19 virus. The healthcare system in many countries is overwhelmed by this uncontrollable situation. The healthcare sector needs more nurses working on the frontline to deal with emergencies and assist in healthcare. Now is the best time to join the nursing career if you have a genuine desire to help others.

  1.     Nursing careers are highly flexible

As a nurse, you will have a very flexible schedule and significant choices in shift selection. You get to decide if an evening shift suits your schedule better than a morning shift. You can also opt for longer shifts to get done with your work hours in fewer days. Not only that, but you will have the flexibility to choose your job’s location. You can opt for traditional places like hospitals or more unique choices like becoming an emergency flight nurse. Who wouldn’t like such flexibility?

  1.     There is no shortage of opportunities in the field

Nursing extends to a diverse range of possibilities, and currently, these professionals are in high demand. Nurses primarily work at hospitals, but airplanes, racetracks, corporations, resorts, television studios, and many other places also hire nurses. You have a wide range of career options to choose from; school nurse, nurse writer, mental health nurse, and many more. At the same time, the demand for skilled nurses has increased because there is now a greater emphasis on preventative care. Research has shown that registered nursing is among the top 5 occupations likely to contribute to the newest job opportunities between 2019 and 2029. Another interesting thing about this profession is that you can progress to new nursing career pathways by gaining experience and knowledge.

  1.     Nurses are well-paid and get numerous benefits

Nursing is a respectable career path that offers a reasonable pay rate and many additional benefits. Especially with the increased demand for nurses in the prevailing crisis, you can expect good salaries. In general, the more qualified you are, the better paid you will be. On average, a registered nurse in Indiana made $60,050 annually in 2016. Nurses also get tax savings and pension plans, sufficient paid time off (PTO), medical and dental insurances, and life insurance.

  1.     You can travel the world

As a nurse, you might not be restricted to your home country. Healthcare is an important sector globally, and the demand for skilled nurses prevails almost everywhere. With certification and a degree, you can work wherever you desire. This allows you to experience great cultural diversity and broaden your horizons.

Final words

Nursing is a well-respected profession that allows one to satisfy their inner altruist and express their compassion in a way that benefits everyone. This profession offers great job satisfaction for such people while also paying well, providing many benefits, and allowing for a very flexible schedule. This all-in-one career is undoubtedly one you should consider when going through your career options.

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