The beginning of CRYPTOCURRENCIES has not been rosy as many expected; it has been a complicated journey, full of uncertainty and volatility, but, in turn, of excessive profits for Invest in Bitcoin, that is why their popularity is what has managed to position them in the digital financial market.

It is an investment option that can be risky, while for others, it can be of great benefit; it is a matter of evaluating the positions and perspectives of each investor.

As in any financial market, there will always be the evil intentions of people whose objective is to take advantage of the benefits of others and generate scams or more significant damage to those who have been able to benefit from the CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE PLATFORMS.

The impact of influencers on crypto advertising

Suppose there is a term that has become fashionable recently. In that case, it is that of Influencers, who are nothing more than public figures from the entertainment, sports, or financial, economic environment that use various platforms to make themselves known.

Currently, many of these influencers are promoting the use and management of cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange, payment, or investment according to the user’s interest.

Being recognized worldwide, they manage to attract endless people whose objective is to improve their quality of life; that is where the most significant number of people interested in entering the cryptographic environment is found.

The day-to-day search for information on social networks has encouraged many exchange platforms to be interested in using these financial tools that have worked for many, but, as we know, not everyone has the same position regarding cryptographic investments.

The fact that these figures have emerged, are becoming better known, and are also involved with investments in cryptocurrencies gives a firm step for many people to get excited and decide to be part of the digital financial market.

How are cryptocurrencies generated?

There are two unique ways to acquire cryptocurrencies. One is through exchange platforms, where you can trade, buy and sell digital currencies, from the best known as Bitcoin to the newest that emerges.

The other way to obtain cryptocurrencies is through the MINING process; Through powerful computing equipment, especially in terms of the graphical interface, the solution of complex mathematical problems is achieved, and from there, the cryptocurrencies.

This process has been strongly criticized since the energy consumption is high, in turn, the pollution due to the heat that this equipment emits and sonic must be considered when obtaining digital currencies through this medium.

Rumors of scams and prominent businessmen

Cryptocurrencies have unfortunately been involved in a significant number of thefts and scams, which has not contributed anything to their general adoption worldwide.

One of the main fears of investors is the high volatility of crypto-assets and their high-security risks and possibly their wallets being scammed or violated, and that the investment disappears overnight.

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, is one of the investors who consider investments with cryptocurrencies to be high risk since, in his opinion, you have a lot of money. You are not afraid of losing it; it does not represent a greater risk for your capital than investing in crypto. Still, If the opposite is the case, digital currencies require analysis.

Many prominent businessmen join this perspective, although others like Elon Musk support the digital market and investments in cryptocurrencies since they consider they are the future currencies and are highly profitable in the long term.

The lack of regulation and control has made cryptocurrencies unreliable for many corporations because it turns them into unsupported assets, which is not very pleasant for many companies since they are not included in the financial system-backed or secure currencies.

The leading companies or organizations that do not show much interest in cryptocurrencies and their blockchain platform are banks and financial entities since they consider putting the financial market at risk.


The fact that cryptocurrencies, for more or less two years, have shown upward trends in terms of their adoption and management should not be strange; let us remember that these financial instruments are here to stay and position themselves as the currencies of the future.