For many years, there has been speculation about the value of unique currency and its possible historical highs. When significant drops occur, all investors begin to panic in their cryptocurrency accounts, always waiting for a better moment.

As the popularity and use of cryptocurrencies increase, their value tends to increase markedly, which leads to greater demand for the cryptocurrency leader.

A few years ago, nobody believed much in them. Still, those who did manage to acquire Bitcoin at such a low price are the ones who today show that the cryptocurrency has reached fascinating points even in BEARISH TRENDS.

For many, the beginning of 2022 has been a challenging year for Bitcoin. Still, it is essential to make a connotation worth highlighting. Even when it has had downward trends, Bitcoin has increased its value. However, it only has 9% for now, incredible, right?

The two stages that have marked the path of Bitcoin in 2022

As it happened in 2021, the beginning of Bitcoin was a challenging year, but as the months went by, it showed what it was capable of.

The same situation is repeated this year, only that the news around Bitcoin has been firm, and that is where the two stages that have defined the value of Bitcoin in these first four months of the year are divided.

The statements of the FED and the increase in interest rates and inflation in the American power have undoubtedly affected the trajectory of Bitcoin since people and investors considered they affected.

This is where the uncertainty and anxiety of not knowing what will happen over the months in an economy appear to be strong, and these situations mark the government and citizens.

On the other hand, the second aspect is no less critical. It is nothing more and nothing less than the war situation between Russia and Ukraine.

Although Bitcoin seemed unaffected by this type of situation, it turns out that governments are considering the use of CRYPTOCURRENCIES and, in this case, Bitcoin as their leader to carry out their economic and financial operations.

Due to the situation in which both nations are involved, the other countries and world organizations have begun to act through blockade measures against Russia.

This has produced an effect that no one expected, and since Bitcoin is a decentralized currency and is not regulated by any entity, it can be traded with it without problems, and this is what Russia has done, evading blockades through cryptocurrencies.

In addition, on the other hand, it has been how the aid reaches the people of Ukraine that has been so affected.

Although there have been two aspects that may be transitory, what is certain is that Bitcoin holders and investors have not sold their assets and are waiting for new changes.

Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin in 2022

The fact is that Ethereum is improving its platform so that mining processes are much cheaper in energy consumption and operating costs.

The fact that many users are switching between platforms indicates that a displacement of Bitcoin could be generated, but let’s remember that each crypto project is unique and has unique characteristics.

Both are good options when investing in cryptocurrencies; it is only up to the investor to choose which one to choose, although both are the ones that have the most in the cryptographic environment.

Digital Dollar is another aspect to consider

It is crucial to evaluate the US government’s proposal when suggesting the possible creation of a digital dollar; this would benefit the acquisition of digital currencies, which, although not backed by any asset, have shown strength in the digital market.

This new proposal supports, even more, the possible adoption of the digital market as a means of exchange at a global level since the ease and speed of its operations allow the reduction of many bureaucratic chains in terms of finances.


Since the beginning of 2022, Bitcoin has reached 100 thousand dollars per unit. Still, it is a matter of waiting for the recovery of these problematic months, where supply and demand must flow at their own pace.

Let’s remember finances are repetitive cycles; right now, the most challenging stage is passing, but profits are already on the eve of this new half of the year.