Cost to Rent a Lamborghini

Nowadays, you can easily hire a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or any other luxury car that you like. In the past, most car hire firms only had the Limousines and a couple of Mercedes Benzes as part of their luxury rides. Exotic car rental firms have transformed the car hire business, adding a plethora of options for clients who are looking for class and luxury.

If you are planning to hire a luxury ride soon, then you’re in the right place. This guide will cover everything on luxury cars and other services such as chauffeurs for hire. We will also share tips on what to consider when renting a luxury ride.

Hiring a Luxury Car

Most exotic car rental firms offer different packages to cater to various clients’ needs. You can hire a car for a road trip, video shoot, or even photoshoot. The packages vary and hiring a car for a photoshoot or video shoot is quite cheap. On the other hand, if you’re hiring a car for a road trip, you might be billed by the hour or per mile.

The cars are also categorized into different classes. You will typically come across SUVs and sports cars. Most sports cars are small, designed to only carry two people: the driver and one passenger. In addition, they do not have much luggage space. Sports cars are usually great if you’re going for a date or an executive business meeting.

On the other hand, SUVs have plenty of passenger and luggage space. The SUVs are split into two-door and four-door SUVs. SUVs are quite ideal, especially if you’re going for a road trip with friends or if you’re touring a new city or state with friends and family.

Prices and Other Executive Services

Hiring a Lamborghini Huracan from Milani Exotic Car Rental might cost you something close to $1,500 USD per day. In addition, some firms might require you to place a deposit of around $5,000 USD before renting the car. On the other side, renting a Range Rover Evoque might cost you somewhere between $600-700 USD for a day.

Exotic car rental firms always impose strict and tough fines if you break the leasing terms and conditions. For example, you might be charged an extra $100 USD for every extra mile you cover beyond the agreed-upon mileage. As such, ensure that you follow the rules whenever you hire a car.

You can also hire a private chauffeur. The chauffeur price will be billed differently from the car. Executive chauffeurs will work as your PA picking you up from your hotel and drive you around for the number of hours you’ve paid them. This service can come in quite handy, more so if you’re new in town and don’t understand the traffic rules.

Bottom Line

Luxury car rental firms offer a unique service that ensures anyone can enjoy the pleasure of driving around in their dream luxury car. You can always watch out for deals on prices, especially during special days such as Valentine’s Day.

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