Craving a Grilled Cheese? Here’s Where to Find the Best in Your Town

Texas is full of amazing cities full of character and personality. We’ll admit, San Antonio and Houston come to mind, but when it comes to stellar food that warms our hearts and puts smiles on our faces, no Texan city can beat Austin.

More specifically, no one can beat the grilled cheese in Austin. But us telling you that Austin has great grilled cheese isn’t too helpful: Austin is a huge city, after all! That’s why we’re going to tell you where you should look to find America’s cheesiest comfort food.

Check the Menu at Your Preferred Joints

You may be thinking, “how is this helpful? If my favorite joint served grilled cheese, I’d know about it!” Well, you’d be surprised. Some restaurants in Austin aren’t exclusively selling their identity of grilled cheese.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have grilled cheese. You can find delicious grilled cheese sandwiches at diners, burger joints, wine dives, and more. Maybe your favorite place does sell grilled cheese: you just don’t know it yet.

Find That Elusive Food Truck

Admittedly, grilled cheese isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think about food trucks, and since said trucks frequently move around, you may not have had the chance to visit one.

That said, food trucks are a great way to get your hands on some seriously awesome grilled cheese. We’re certain that some Texans would go as far as to say that the best grilled cheese in Austin comes from food trucks.

But like we said, these trucks often move around, so how do you find them, and how do you know which ones sell grilled cheese anyway? Well, the internet is a beautiful thing, is it not? Many popular food trucks in Austin update their position for the day online.

Blogs, Online Searches, and Brief Investigation

Like we said before, if you don’t know where to find a stellar grilled cheese sandwich and you don’t have anyone to ask, well, a few seconds of searching on the internet can solve your problem.

There are actually several websites and blogs online dedicated to the legendary grilled cheese sandwiches of Austin. A quick and easy online search will let you find them in a matter of seconds, and they’ll direct you to your much coveted sandwiches.

Seriously, there’s dozens of them. You’ll have guides, addresses and menus in no time if you just take the time to look.


If you’re on the hunt for a great grilled cheese sandwich in Austin but just don’t know where to look, the following tips, simple though they may be, will help you out:

  • Double-check the menu at your regular dives
  • Look around for food trucks: online or in person!
  • If all else fails, search online for guides to the best grilled cheese joints!

Of course, you could also just take a nice walk around Austin and see what it has to offer with your own eyes. After all, it is one of the most charming cities in Texas!

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