Critical illness cover insurance: Why to opt for?

In the world of health battles, threatening medical emergencies, etc. is on a raise day by day. The constant health challenges create an unhealthy world of risks and life threats. The diseases like renal failure, cardiac arrests, cancer, tuberculosis etc. not only breaks the person emotionally and mentally but even their expenditures hamper the financial position of the sufferers. A critical illness cover provides the protection and covers under such critical situations. The unhealthy lifestyle, have made even the youth of today subject to such deadly ailments.

This type of insurance proves to be a support in covering the medical and other related expenses in case of such a deadly breakdown. Paying the medical bills, pre and post hospitalization charges becomes convenient with such insurance covers.

Care health insurance, unlike the regular insurance providers, provides the opportunity of support by payment of a fixed amount in case the insured is diagnosed with any of the ailments mentioned in the policy. A few reasons to buy the critical illness cover can be summarised as:

Best possible financial benefits at a minimum premium.

  • Avail cashless claim settlement.
  • Financial protection at times of need.
  • Best treatment becomes possible.
  • Benefits of tax exemption.
  • Foreign treatment and facilities made possible.

The given reasons clarify the expectations from the respective insurance cover. Care Health Insurance provides you with customised health care options that suit your requirements in the best possible way. The critical illness cover provides you with the best possible way of securing your family both financially and mentally.

Understanding critical health illness cover

Under the respective insurance policy, major ailments as strokes, cardiovascular diseases, renal abnormalities, organ transplant conditions, paralysis, arterial hypertension, Alzheimer, liver diseases, etc. are covered. It is to be noted that the standard covered ailments may vary from policy to policy.

After kicking start with the same, on the diagnosis of any of the mentioned critical health diseases, a lump sum amount is paid irrespective of the place where the treatment is going to be done, unlike the regular ones that cover only the treatment within the country.

Thus, with the best features in the field Care health insurance, offers indemnity insurance cover to the individual as well as the family as per the terms of the policy.

Under this facilitation in the field of insurance policy, the insured can have the cashless claim settlement in any desired hospital network as per the requirements. A health card is issued by the insurance company to assist in urgent times. Such financial security helps you to concentrate on the treatment instead of running for arranging funds. The critical illness cover adds cushioning to the use of your savings at the time of need. The timely hiring of the same is important as the treatment of such critical health hazards costs very high and cannot be paralleled with the regular insurance claims.

Features of the critical illness cover

Care critical illness coverage owns the features best suited to help their clients in times of need.

  • Better coverage at low premium charges.
  • Counselling by an efficient psychiatrist.
  • Stress-free claims.
  • All-time service.
  • Option of EMI payments available.
  • Covers as many as 32 critical health emergencies.

Procedures and significant aspects of treatment included in the coverage

The important aspects of treatments included in the policy are:

  • Hospitalization charges
  • Medical expenses incurred before or after diagnosis.
  • OPD and ICU charges.
  • Therapies and treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and others.
  • Consultation charges for the second opinion may be within the same country or abroad.
  • Renewable feature of the policy.
  • Ambulance and other miscellaneous charges.
  • Annual check-up.
  • Organ transplant and donations.
  • Daycare and admission charges.

 The care health insurance’s critical illness cover also excludes the following points.

  • Any self attempted or suicidal injury.
  • HIV’s and STD’s
  • Any cosmetic surgery
  • Damage due to any attack or weapons
  • Injury due to any criminal intention.
  • Pregnancy or miscarriage related complications
  • Diseases relating to unhealthy styles or habits like consumption of alcohol and any other unsafe drug.

To be sure of your financial stand it is important to go through the policy documents and terms of exclusions so that you are aware of the actual position of funds.

Therefore, before finalising any decision in the respective choice one should read the information. While selecting the coverage plans, the medical history of the patient, cost of treatment and the waiting period are the important points to be taken care of. One can also opt for an alternative insurance cover at the time of availing the process.

Making an appropriate online selection for the same

The clarity over the assessment of needs concerning the condition of the patient is essential before going with any insurance plan. The best options can even be searched online. The complete research enables you to calculate the preferred insurance amount according to reasonable premium schemes and offers. One can even make online payments. A clear decision comes only when one considers the health condition, expenses to be incurred and the other details concerning the same.

Important details to be considered while finalising the choice

Being informed and planned is better than hassling around at the time of deciding. The huge costs and long tenure form the basis of life-taking diseases. The prolonged and repeated occurrences trigger your lifestyle and peace of mind. Hence, it’s better to be prepared for unexpected and unprecedented times. To be financially prepared is sensible and advisable for taking the right decisions at right time. A few considerable factors may be summed up as:

  • A comprehensive cover that suits the overall usability and conditions and provides huge additional benefits, should be chosen.
  • The accuracy of the waiting period helps you to plan better.
  • The consideration that the critical illness cover should cover the particular ailment is essential.
  • The estimation of the cost of expenses should be made before completing the insurance processing.

Care Health Insurance thoughtfully designs the lifelong coverage and protection under all sorts of conditions at an affordable premium with easy payment options. CHI serves to be the best provider of critical illness cover insurance policy for an individual along with the family floater basis covering the members of the family.

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