CS 1.6 Wall Aim Hack with Download Links 2020[100% WORKING]


This hack is 100% working and today I will also show you the proof.Further,it is Free and safe for your PC.Feel free to download this hack.

➽Lets Get started.

Step 1: You have to download these two files

⧫Super Simple wall hack v7.3 [File size 124KB]

⧫R-Aimbot v1.0 [File size 21KB]

After you have downloaded these two files,extract both files.

Password for extracting is : www.tobys.dk
It is same for both files

Now Open R-Aimbot,black window will appear.[Do not do anything with it]

Then open the Super simple wallhack[Loader window will open]

At the same time,Open CS 1.6 and start your game.When you are all set,Minimize your game and click on the LOAD button in the loader window.If the windows disappears on clicking load button then it worked.By the way it is always working perfect.

➥Now you have activated the hack successfully but the question is that how you will activate in game?

Press given Hotkeys for activation,Aimbot will work automatically.[No need to activate]

F10=No Sky
F11=No Flash

➤What should you do if it is not working?

1-Make sure to check that your game is running on OpenGL
2-Disable your antivirus
3-Update your pc drivers
4-Re-Install game from here

Download Counter Strike 1.6 Original ⬐


I am not responsible for any your loss in game like getting banned from servers and being detected in game.This is developed  just for fun purposes.Do not take it so seriously.

If you are facing any issues regarding the game then feel free to ask me on Youtube [on my channel] OR below comment section on this website.

If you want to get a post about your issue then don’t worry,Just comment below and I will try to make a post on your problem.

If you want to watch the full video tutorial,you can watch below.But if you just want to watch the proof then skip the video to the last part.I hope you will like it.


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