Expert Advice on Using Onion for Hair Growth

Healthy hair is coveted by all. After all, who does not want to have a ‘good hair day’ every single day of their lives? While it might seem like a dreamy scenario, air care experts believe that it is very much possible.

For the last few decades, hair care experts and clinicians have been extensively working on formulas that can make a difference in the hair care industry. In this quest of theirs, one age-old ingredient has turned out to be of prominent importance.

That ingredient is none other than using onion for hair. Some of the readers wanted to understand if using it can truly bring about a positive change in their hair care routine. To answer the same, let us explore what experts feel about using products like hair serum for women.

Why is Onion a Celebrated Ingredient?

When we think of onion, most of us only know about its culinary benefits. However, what sets this apart as a cosmetic ingredient, and why do the hair care experts keep recommending the use of onion for hair?

  • Blood Circulation:When we talk about healthy hair, we often overlook a vital factor. For our hair to be healthy, the region around the scalp needs to be healthy primarily. And what can boost this healthiness?

    The rate of blood circulation in the scalp and head region can be increased at an optimum pace by using oils or serums made of onion for hair. With blood supply being healthy, the head region will be naturally healthy for the hair to grow. And this great task is always carried out by-products like hair serum for women. 

  • Hair Damage Reversal:This is the 21st century when going out for work, traveling to different places, trying out different food items are normal things to do. In these enjoyable yet hectic lives, our hair is exposed to grease, dirt, particulate matter, harmful rays of the sun, and more.

    Such exposures can often lead to hair damage, but that does not mean your hair cannot be repaired. Onion extract can react with the hair cells and remove any pollution. While doing so, the hair is prevented from getting damaged, and the quality of the hair is restored.

  • Hair Strength:For you to have healthy hair, you need to ensure your hair is sufficiently nourished. The presence of onion for hair can give you that assurance. It is a known fact that onion extract contains sufficient nourishment and moisture. When onion oil is applied to the hair follicles, its nourishing properties help the hair follicles become stronger and healthier. This further helps in reviving the strength of hair and makes your hair ready for any kind of styling you would like to adorn.
  • Hair Volume:By simply using a hair serum for women or a similar product, you cannot expect your hair to enhance in terms of volume. You need something extra to give your hair that push so that the quality and texture of your hair can be improved.

    This is when the benefits of using onion in your hair care regime will come into the picture. The onion will help your hair to become naturally thicker and softer. Thus, the volume of your hair will be boosted, and you will not even have to worry about dealing with frizzy hair in tangles.

  • Healthy Scalp Environment:Your hair roots lie in the scalp region. Thus, if the scalp is not well-nourished, you are in trouble. Onion extract can rescue you from this trouble by giving your scalp enough moisture. With dryness and flakiness being gone, dandruff can be easily prevented. At the same time, the pH balance ensured by an onion extract hair care product can further enhance your healthy scalp and make the environment suitable for the growth of hair.

Should You Buy an Onion Product?

According to hair care experts who have spent decades discovering the right formula for hair growth, onion products for hair care are surely necessary. Hence, you should include products like onion hair shampoo, onion hair conditioner, onion hair mask, onion hair oil, and more to improve your hair quality.

Then again comes the question of choosing a brand with so many products being available in the market. Thus, to help you out, we consulted the hair care experts and users of onion hair care products to come up with a recommendation. Based on the answers that we have received, people have suggested we recommend Mamaearth products to our readers.

Mamaearth has a wide variety of onion extract hair care products that you can benefit from. The uniqueness or the authenticity of the products have been verified, and this is what made us fall in love with the onion hair care products from Mamaearth.

  • Natural Formula:We took a thorough look at the ingredients that can make up the onion hair care products from Mamaearth. To our excitement, this brand has been using the natural goodness of ingredients. Moreover, rather than exclusively using onion in hair care products, Mamaearth combines onion seed extracts with ingredients like almond oil, castor oil, amla oil, bhringraj oil, and more. This is what makes their formula so unique, effective, and worth the price.
  • No Harmful Chemicals:Usually, when we buy a hair care product, we get disappointed because the product contains harmful chemicals like parabens, silicones, and more.

    Mamaearth’s hair care products are also popular because they come free of harmful chemicals and toxins. They also do not contain additives such as external dyes and artificial fragrances.

  • Safety Certificate:Safety is our foremost concern when we use a product. Keeping this in mind, Mamaearth products are first tested by clinical hair care experts for high-quality assurance. Thereafter, the products receive the MadeSafe Certification assurance and are then released in the market for the consumers.

    This is how Mamaearth ensures that their onion hair care products are safe and suitable for both natural hair and chemically treated hair. At the same time, these unisex products are curated for all hair types, which makes them a popular choice.


Yes, we agree that being worried about your hair is justified. However, we want you to take the leap of faith and try out the onion-based hair care products from Mamaearth. You will surely benefit from such an indulgence, and your hair will become naturally strong, long, and shiny in the days to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using an oil made of onion for hair before you get started with the new range of onion hair care products- and give your hair the nourishment and pampering it needs!

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