Hitting the right notes: Seven songs that made films memorable

Pop culture wouldn’t be what it is without the movie industry. Hollywood and the movie business have spread pop culture throughout the country and the entire world. With globalization’s prevalence, we gain access to movies soon after they are released. As engaging as motion pictures are, sometimes it is the music score that catches our attention. Take a trip into memory lane and think back on some of Hollywood’s most famous movies. Do some songs stand out?

This article will be looking at a few music pieces that made movies more memorable. This list will include some of Hollywood’s highest-grossing films in the last half-century. From Titanic to Top Gun and everything in between. Here are some songs that made movies more famous.

My Heart Will Go On

Celine Dion is one of the biggest names in music and has an incredibly distinctive voice. Hence the reason why her role in Titanic’s soundtrack made the film insanely popular. My Heart Will Go On helped launch the movie and Celine Dion’s career. For decades now, we have grouped her and the movie.
The artist still makes music and continues to promote her name in the industry.

Here’s a tip: If you want to hire a melodious voice for your upcoming movie, consider contacting an artist booking agency and do not compromise on just any singer. Just as Celine Dion’s vocals made Titanic even more memorable, a great singer can give your next film instant fame.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

This song was originally written by Elton John and used in The Lion King. Not only did Sir John gain recognition for his work on the score, but the movie is somewhat synonymous with the song now. It’s hard to think about the Lion King and not have this song playing through your head!Without the song, several scenes in the movies would not have had the depth of emotion that they do. Besides being a melodic masterpiece, it was custom-made for the film and set the pace for the scenes between Simba and Nala.

Elton John is a legend in the music industry, and we can see why. Watch the Lion King, listen to the song and feel the rush of emotions that the song fosters in millions of people.

Eye of the Tiger

Sylvester Stallone is said to have written the song and given it to the band to perform. Eye of the tiger certainly did the movie justice. Since then, the song has become an anthem for physical activity. Gyms around the world blast the music to harbor emotions of positivity and competition amongst their clients.
Rocky is probably the greatest boxing movie of all time. Not only did Stallone do a fantastic job in the film, but his songwriting abilities added to the overall success of the film. One can argue that the movie would not have had the success that it currently does if it didn’t have Eye of the Tiger in its soundtrack.

Grease Lightening

Grease was a musical. Of course, its soundtrack made the movie more memorable. However, did anyone anticipate how much of an impact the soundtrack had on pop culture? Grease Lightening and the One That I Want were some of the most memorable pieces of the movie.

Not only are they synonymous with the movie, but in the decades to come, they would become popular songs in their own right.

Hundreds of dance studios worldwide play the song as a backdrop to break dancing routines. Moreover, theatres and Broadway plays replay Grease, and these songs encourage positive reactions from the crowd.

Honey Honey

Abba Grew saw success like never before with the release of Mama Mia. Both the band and the movie benefitted immensely due to this song. The movie’s entire score came from Abba, the band. Honey Honey is one of the most famous songs from the movie and, therefore, one of the band’s most famous songs as a whole.

Abba has several greatest hits. However, this one stands out as one of the most famous while contributing to the movie’s immense success ever since it was released.

You’ve got a Friend in Me

Lyle Lovett’s song set the pace for one of Pixar’s biggest successes. Toy Story. The movie wouldn’t be what it is if it didn’t have the song playing in the background. Much like Lion King’s classic Can You Feel The Love Tonight, the song added a wealth of emotion and made the story so much better. We might not have related to the characters the way we did if it wasn’t for the subtle theme that the song proposes.

The song helped the movie stay relevant throughout the decades. With several installments of the Toy Story series, the gist of the theme never changed, and the role of the song in the first movie set the pace for the rest. It did help Toy Story become considerably more memorable.

Highway to the Danger-zone

The movie about aircraft dogfighting would not be the same without the Kenny Loggins classic. The power anthem gives you a dose of adrenaline, and the listener feels a new sense of power. Without the song, the movie would certainly not have gotten the reception which it has. We all remember that scene in the sky when Maverick and Iceman are battling for bragging right. The song gives the audience a sense of what it’s like to be there in the moment.

The rock song stands out as a major ballad in Rock N’ Roll. The powerful riffs of the electric guitar coupled with Loggin’s vocals and lyrics make the song a classic. Top Gun simply wouldn’t be the same without the addition of this song.


There you go. Some of the most famous songs in history that made movies more memorable. Not only are these songs amazing in their own right, but combined with the storytelling through their motion pictures, they became so much more than just another song.

These songs are timeless classics, pieces of history that are forever etched into pop culture. Consider watching some of these movies and enjoy the emotions that the music provides. The charm of a well-fitted song/score in the right part of a movie is unique.

Directors and producers need to hold on to this perception that your movie’s music can make or break your motion picture. Storytelling plays a pivotal role in movies, but a good song and excellent music can truly grasp the attention and make every scene memorable.

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