House Of Play: 5 Great Entertainment Rooms For Your Home

With the pandemic in swing, you’ll be left at home with nothing left to do other than stare at your phone all day. Working constantly from home will also cause you to burn out quickly. In 2020, 72% of Americans were working too much, which caused burnout. With this data, it’s imperative to put rest as your top priority, and what better way than adding an entertainment room at your house.

By doing so, you stay safe during the pandemic while lessening the stressful events from work through rest and recreation. Here, five great ideas for an entertainment room are waiting to be unlocked. So, get your reading on, and ultimately obtain your very own house of play:

Billiards Room

The first entertainment room you should have is a billiards room. Here, you can quickly turn an extra room into a fun recreational cave by placing a pool table in the center, making it a great centerpiece of the area. You could even add darts in one corner of the room to make it even more exciting.

Likewise, you could even add chairs, tables, and space-saving games such as board games in another corner. With this, you efficiently manage and maximize the most out of your space by adding in casual games. You could even look up NPC Amusements┬áif you want. Here, you’ll find every material you’ll need when you choose to create a pool room for your house. You could even have such materials customized to have an exclusive design.

Media Room

If you’re looking for another great idea for your entertainment room, the second way to go is a media room. Here, you can spend time with friends or family by watching a movie. You could even swap out your regular TV and get yourself a projector to have a theater-like feel. Likewise, you could even add shelves to place your DVDs and Blu-Rays in.

When opting for a media room, you should never forget to install cushioning chairs and cushions. By doing so, you create a warm and comfy feel that promotes relaxation for you and your family members. Remember, great and comfortable seating is a significant factor in making movie nights even better!

Music Room

Whether you’re musically inclined or not, turning your available space into a music room is an excellent idea for an entertainment room. You can display and even practice your piano, drums, guitar, or other musical instruments here. Not only this, you could even show your vinyl and record collection. You could effortlessly display and present your music tastes to your family and friends.

Additionally, you could even make the music room soundproof if you want. If you’re going to take your hobby to the next level and record high-quality audio, soundproofing your music room is the best option.

By doing so, you eliminate any background noises that may ruin an excellent record. Overall, regardless of whether you soundproof your music room or not, having a music room will guarantee relaxation when you choose to play or record music.

Home Gym

By opting for a home gym, you can easily practice yoga, do your strength training, and run on your treadmill in the comforts of your home. Likewise, doing so will motivate you to stay fit and healthy since the gym is readily available and accessible. You won’t have to pay for a gym membership at your nearest gym as well, and you even have more privacy when exercising.

Additionally, adding a home gym offers flexibility since you can always exercise at your own pace and time. You could add in the equipment you’d only need, or you could even vary your routines from day to day when you deem it necessary. Overall, adding a home gym keeps you more excited about your workouts since you’ve dedicated exercise space in your home.


If you’re someone who would love to spend the afternoon with your books, rather than with movies, instruments, or board games, the best entertainment room for you would be a mini-library. With this, you get some quality time reading your novels and letting your imagination run wild as you keep each character alive. You could put up bookshelves around the room to display all your books, or you could even set up a few bean bags to get comfortable while reading.

Additionally, you could even invite family and friends who enjoy a good read. You could set up a book reading event where you read a different book and discuss it afterward. Overall, having a mini-library for your home allows you to enjoy reading and relaxing your mind simultaneously.


Relaxation always comes first since it ensures better mental health. Likewise, installing and opting to get one of these five entertainment rooms will ensure such rest. Additionally, keeping fun and entertaining ideas within your reach during the pandemic will ensure your safety and security. So, decide on your room and choose to make your own house of play!

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