How Can You Turn Client Testimonials and Reviews into SEO Wins?

When it comes to boosting the SEO of your website for your business, nothing can be more useful and effective than client testimonials and reviews. To grow your business, earning trust through your service is the most important and toughest job. Testimonials are a great way to communicate with this trust to build up your perspective for the clients. Thus it works as one of the great ways to boost your SEO towards the right direction, which is essential for any of the B2B marketing strategies. SEO Perth agencies help in a proper way to leverage your SEO win with testimonials. Here is how you can turn your client testimonials and reviews into your SEO wins:

Opt for the reviews:

There are a large number of B2B review sites that come with the opportunity to create and share your testimonials. You need to be much focused on your outreach. The more review sites you will use, the more it will render visibility to your brand.

It is important to link your first review so that your clients have the proper example. It is also important to give them the template to complete the review, including the keywords which will provide more authority to your business.

Collect your reviews:

All the reviews that the client submits are a good source for more interesting insights and language. It is useful to inform your content for the keyword strategy. Thus take some hours to review your testimonials. You can see more recurring questions and statements in it. It is important to address the challenges along with the opportunities to build a more interesting product and service which knows how to please your clients.

Consider creating more specific and optimized testimonial pages:

It is important to understand that keywords hold a vital part in most of your audience and group of testimonials to address all the major pain points. Thus optimize the pages with the proper kind of keywords. These pages, rich with keywords, can become the most useful part of your content pieces that link directly with your product and solution pages.

Create more competitive comparison pages:

Competitive and adversarial queries are frequently employed during the research stage for the buying process. Hence it comes along with much significant SEO value. Thus select testimonials where your brand has managed to outperform your competitors. It is important to develop a much search-optimized page for your associated queries. Thus your brand will be able to dominate those search terms.

Implement your reviews wisely:

Though there are no right or wrong ways for picking your testimonials, you need to pick the ones who are following some of the important guidelines. Ask yourself:

  • Which testimonials are aligning along with the message that you want to convey to your readers?
  • Who wrote the testimonials?
  • Is the person known for the industry or not?
  • See if the testimonial is engaging or not. Look if the testimonials are relatable with accessible words or with phrasing or not?

Use the testimonials to build up your backlinks:

Use all the positive reviews from the beginning of the sentence with your clients. Develop content which is having co-marketing traits. Try to reciprocate with the review or with the testimonials on the site. Also, it is important to reach out to the best of industry lists for your comparison websites.

Respond to the testimonials:

It is important to respond to all the testimonials, which are much essential to growing your opportunity. Google looks for the dialogues between the businesses and customers as the form of signal to build up trust and for brand inclusion.


While you look to set up the testimonials for your site, it is important to pick highly effective testimonials. Also, assess those which are useful enough and not so negative or fake. Hence adding the reviews and testimonials to the site does have some positive impact on the SEO of your website.

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