How Social Media Marketing Can Generate Funds and Awareness for Nonprofits

Let’s face it. Nonprofit organizations largely depend on external funding to continue with their mission. The majority of these entities struggle to get sufficient funding, and the COVID-19 pandemic only aggravated the situation. For instance, the Salvation Army witnessed 18% less crowdfunding in December 2020 than in previous years.

So, how do these entities get their word out and get what it needs to fulfill their objectives?

Maybe, the answer is Social Media Marketing.

Nonprofits can leverage the potential of social media marketing in many ways. They can generate funds and awareness for their cause using social media marketing. It can also help them create a community for their supporters and volunteers. Here are some of the ways that social media marketing can be helpful for nonprofits:

Helps Them Build Awareness About the Organization or Mission

Social media marketing for nonprofits helps them build awareness about their organization or mission. In fact, many nonprofit organizations are already exploiting social media platforms to raise money and awareness for their cause.

So how does social media marketing work?

Basically, you create an account on one or more platforms (like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) and then post updates based on your cause or mission. You can do this by sharing photos, videos, articles, and other content related to your cause. Also, you can engage with the audience by starting conversations with other users, replying to comments people make on your posts, and getting involved in conversations happening around topics related to your organization’s area of expertise or interest.

As a case in point, United Way Greater Toronto shared a story on its Instagram about women’s sexual or physical abuse. The post blames governmental policies and societal factors like stigma and fear that discourage many women from seeking help after such incidents. 

Helps Them Gain New Supporters and Volunteers

Social media is a great way for nonprofits to reach out to new supporters and volunteers, who are often already connected with the cause through other means. The best way that social media can help a nonprofit is by giving them an opportunity to connect with their current supporters and volunteers.

By using a social media platform, you can provide incentives for people who are already connected with the cause to share information about it through their own channels. This will allow you to reach out to new people who may not have heard about your organization before.

For instance, San Antonio, TX Food Bank has a Pinterest account where they display their volunteer opportunities and donation drives. The organization constantly supports and engages with its followers to build authority and spread its message. This way, many organizations recruit volunteers without having to spend a penny on print or digital advertisements.

Helps Them Raise Money Online Through Donations or Crowdfunding Campaigns

Social media marketing is a great tool for nonprofits. It allows them to raise awareness and donations quickly while providing an engaging experience that keeps users engaged with their brand.

One of the biggest ways social media marketing helps nonprofits is through crowdfunding campaigns. With a well-designed campaign, nonprofits can raise money to support their cause directly from their audience through donations or other forms of payment. This is a great way for organizations to engage with people who want to support them but don’t want any physical goods in return (e.g., swag).

Another way social media can be used for fundraising purposes is through direct donation links on the company’s website or other online properties such as Twitter or Facebook. This allows users to donate directly from their phone’s browser without having to go through any additional steps in order to make a contribution towards whatever cause they believe in.

Nonprofits Can Use Social Media Marketing in Several Ways:

  • Post photos of current volunteers or staff members at work with your organization’s logo on them (this will help build a connection between the donor and the organization).
  • Share videos that explain what it’s like working with your organization and why it’s important (people love hearing stories!). 
  • Promote special events that you’re hosting, such as fundraisers or volunteer opportunities.

Summing Up

Social media is also an excellent platform for raising awareness about issues that affect your community or organization’s mission. It allows you to expand your audience while also providing them with valuable information that they may not know existed before.

It’s also a great way for them to connect with people who might not otherwise know about the organization or its mission—because even though social media is often associated with personal accounts, a lot of people use it as a way to keep up with news and other information about causes they care about.