Measuring the Success of Your Marketing Campaign

Did you know that digital marketing became popular with the advent of the internet in the 1990s? Then the development of sharing sites like Facebook made it even easier for companies to track data to cater to specific consumer trends.

Have you ever felt like your phone knows what you’re looking to buy before you even start searching for it? That’s digital marketing at its finest.

Marketing campaigns are a form of digital marketing, and you need to be able to track its successes to know if your campaign is working. So, keep reading to find out how you can easily measure the success of your marketing campaigns.

Lead Generation Rate

Attracting new business is usually the main goal of marketing campaigns. So if you measure the number of leads generated, you can determine if your campaign is successful or not.

To measure your lead generation, you need to divide the total number of leads by the total number of viewers. The number you’re left with will give you a good indication of whether your campaign is performing as expected or if improvement is needed.

Cost Per Lead

By evaluating your cost per lead, you are essentially measuring the cost-effectiveness of your campaign. This shows you how much money is being spent on each lead you gain. You can then determine if the money you’ll gain from the lead makes up for the money spent on them.

To determine your cost per lead, you need to divide the total cost of the campaign by the number of leads that the campaign generated.

Return on Marketing Investment

Unfortunately, leads don’t always turn into customers, or they might be once-off customers. That is why you need success metrics in place to get an overall sense of how company growth is impacted by the marketing campaign.

To calculate your return on marketing investment, you need to take the total amount of revenue generated during a set time period and divide that by the total amount invested in marketing during that time. This figure will then indicate how much money was made due to the marketing campaign.

Your internal marketing team can also use these metrics as a benchmark to measure the success of their future campaigns.

If the idea of handling your own marketing metrics makes you uncomfortable, you can always consider outsourcing to a digital marketing solutions company. Not only will they work with your team to measure the success of marketing campaigns, but they will help you create a campaign road map to ensure you get the most out of your campaign.

Easily Measure Your Marketing Campaigns

Measuring the success of your marketing campaigns is imperative if you want to reach the right audience. A marketing campaign might seem successful based on the number of viewers, but if they don’t turn into leads, it won’t matter. So get started measuring the success of your marketing campaigns today!

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