How the game of golf is changing lives all across the country for the better.

If you have decided to retire early or you have stuck it out until retirement age then it’s likely that you’re looking for something to pass your time now that you have so much of it. Your wife or husband has told you that you are getting under their feet and they are getting tired of you hanging around the house all day. This is why it is important to find a pastime or sport that will allow you to meet new people but will also allow you to get the necessary amount of exercise that your doctor tells you to get every single day. Current guidelines say that we should be doing at least 30 minutes of strenuous exercise every single day and if you can do more than that is excellent. If you’re a little older then you need to consider the impact that certain activities will have on your body and so it always makes sense to try to find something that has low impact and will provide you with the right kind of exercise that will get your heart pumping but not at an extreme level.

When thinking of such a pastime, the game of golf tends to jump out right at you because it meets all of the above conditions and it is an incredible amount of fun as well. If you don’t fancy walking around the golf course then you can get a club car by UGO to take you and your golf clubs around the 18 holes and back to the 19th again. If this sounds like a pastime that you would really like to explore then the following are just some of the benefits of golf.

  • It is low impact – As was mentioned briefly before this is the perfect pastime for those of us who were getting on a bit or even those of us who are a little bit younger women suffer from sports injuries in the past. Your joints will not be subject to the stresses and strains of much harder pastimes and you still get to enjoy this wonderful sport. Anything that provides you with a much happier lifeis to be embraced.
  • It’s great exercise –Even if you were using your club car, you are still stepping out of the vehicle at regular intervals and so clocking up a lot of steps as you drive your ball down the course. You will also take a lot of steps figuring out how you’re going to putt your ball into the hole and the game of golf exercises every part of your body including your arms, your legs, your back and your stomach. If you have been getting a little bit of a paunch lately then this can help to flatten down your stomach a little.

The game of golf is not only great physical exercise but it is great for your mental awareness as well. Throughout the whole game you will be weighing up the risk/reward elements and you will be keeping a constant score and how you are doing and how your friends are doing as well.

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