How To Eliminate Duplicate Data in the Raiser’s Edge

Duplicate data isn’t just a headache. It can actually hobble your organization’s efforts. As nonprofits become increasingly data-driven, the quality of that data becomes even more critical. But manual cleanup can drive up administrative costs – and since we’re only human, there’s still no guarantee the results will be relatively error-free. Omatic creates data integration solutions tailored for nonprofit organizations. And as one of its flagship tools, ImportOmatic is a powerful and efficient data integration tool.

Use ImportOmatic to Get Rid of Any Duplicates & Have Clean Consistent Data

ImportOmatic is an intelligent, easy-to-use solution to transfer data into Raiser’s Edge. But it doesn’t just import data. ImportOmatic cleans data through a meticulous process: reviewing records, identifying duplicates and merging matching information. It also double-checks for accuracy at each stage. This Raiser’s Edge import guide can tell you more about how it works, but three basic pieces improve data integrity:

  • List Management – importing non-constituents without bloating your database
  • MergeOmatic – locating duplicates with similarity scoring
  • ScoreOmatic – calculate affinity scores for better analysis, forecasting and planning

ImportOmatic also works quickly, saving you the time, money and hassles of manual cleanup. You get current, clean and complete data that’s ready to use. Its speed, convenience and accuracy make it a world-class data integration tool for nonprofit organizations.

Why Clean Consistent Data Is So Important to a Nonprofit’s Success

Your nonprofit is passionate about its mission. Whether it’s in education, healthcare, human services, the arts, animal welfare or another section, it needs resources to help fulfill that mission. Money and people are always the most critical.

Let’s see an example of how inconsistent or duplicate data can affect your operations. What happens if Roseanne Park, an existing monthly donor, gives an extra donation through your website – but she enters her name as Rose Park? Without some form of automation and data cleanup, “Rose Park” could generate a new donor record. Ms. Park may not mind getting contacted twice by your nonprofit, but that’s more time and effort it spends to reach her. At worst, duplicate efforts can undermine your group’s reputation – and its ability to wisely use donated funds.

Clean and consistent data is vital to raising funds, managing recurring donor gifts and attracting volunteers to support your nonprofit’s activities. As you know, having duplicate or incorrect records can slow down your efforts and prevent you from achieving greater reach. Constituent management integration solutions ImportOmatic and Omatic Cloud can do several useful things for your organization:

  • Pull together data from all sources
  • Convert data into your standard formats
  • Eliminate duplicates
  • Keep records up to date
  • Synchronize data in multiple systems – for example, Classy and Blackbaud

These benefits save you time and money, but they’re also key for delivering a personalized donor experience. And that helps you build strong ongoing relationships.

Your Data Integration Solutions

Designers and developers must understand how nonprofits use a patchwork quilt of systems to support their missions. Created by Salesforce and RE software integration experts, Omatic’s solutions make data management and integration efficient, cost-effective and seamless.

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