How to Prepare for a UPSC Exam

Are you an aspirant who is willing to be a part of Indian Civil Services? Qualifying and clearing the UPSC Civil Service Examination is not a piece of cake that everyone can get. It involves years of hard work, failed attempts, and patience for UPSC aspirants to keep achieving their target.

Millions of students appear for the UPSC examination each year. But only a handful of them clear all levels and qualify for the job role. Therefore, to prepare for the examination, you need to look for UPSC online coaching to give you practical exposure to train and qualify for the test.

When you prepare for the UPSC examination, you aim to be an IAS, IPS, or IFS officer to serve your country. However, the journey is not one that you can conquer easily.

The examination is conducted in three levels: a UPSC CSPE (Preliminary), UPSC CSME (Mains), and the final round of interviews. You can only clear the mother of all written examinations by dedicating yourself to its preparations.

There are plenty of online and offline coaching centers that will give you practical tips on how you can manage your time, how you can plan your answers, and what is the easiest way to crack the examination.

Steps to prepare for UPSC examination

As you already know, the UPSC preliminary examination date is declared and will be conducted on 10th October 2021. So you are just a few months away from it. To prepare for this two hours long examination, you need to develop specific skills.

Step 1: What comes in UPSC exams?

The UPSC examination has a strict syllabus, specific eligibility criteria, guidelines, and timelines. Therefore, it would be best to know when the notifications are out, the last date to register, and when the exam will get conducted.

Once you complete the registration process, look at the previous year’s results and check for sample question papers online. Then, collect the exam material, such as books, question papers, and solved examples to save preparation time.

Step 2: Go through the NCERT

It does not matter which stream of education you belong to. The syllabus for UPSC majorly comes from the NCERT book. You can purchase or download NCERT books from its official website and thoroughly read them to prepare your notes.

Step 3: Upgrade your Knowledge

Once you have completed the reading on NCERT, you can pick up any standard book that improves your general knowledge. You can check out the list of books used to prepare for UPSC exams or watch a couple of YouTube lectures that will strengthen your ability.

Step 4: Revision

Revising what you have already completed is best to keep a check on your preparation. Complete a topic and go through it again by answering the question related to it. Pick any previous year’s question paper and look for repeatedly asked questions. Answer them and recheck whether you are correct or wrong.

Step 5: Give Mock Tests

There are several online coaching and free-to-use platforms where you can find UPSC mock tests. It will allow you to analyze yourself and detect your weaknesses.

Signing up for UPSC online coaching will only make it easier for you to collect the essential data, learn the trick for managing time, and understand other aspirants’ approaches. Do not compare your preparation with others, but learn, be motivated, and stay focused.

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