How to reset drone?

As we know with the development of technology, usage of modern technological devices like drones is increasing day by day. Drones are used for various purposes including rescue, security and military operations. Moreover, remote controlled camera drone is used for the purpose of photography and video making as well.

For every person who uses drones for any kind of task, it is necessary to know how to reset a drone. Because there are several cases and situations when the drone gets out of order and it needs to be reset. 

There are two types of reset that can be opted while resetting a drone. Both these are mentioned below.

Wi-fi reset:

In this type of reset, you don’t need other devices or computers, this process is very simple and efficient. What you will need in this whole process is just the drone. 

Modern technology has made several tasks easier. Similar is the case here. You can easily connect your drone with mobile phone apps and all the features can be practiced well. Similarly, you can also make the resetting process possible through mobile app. 

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So, this process can be accomplished easily with help of mobile. And no data is lost in this process. The purpose of such a kind of resetting is to remove all the changes in the wi-fi information that were made. And it is set to default.

Generally, after resetting the drone, you can place it in a straight flat place, and then it is ready to fly. However, if the drone doesn’t start properly, you may try some other methods.

Factory reset:

This type of reset requires a computer along with some necessary programs. After going through this kind of reset, your drone will have the settings like it had at the time when you purchased it.

In most of cases, this kind of reset is needed when a person is going to sell his drone. This kind of reset deletes or removes all the data that was stored in it. 

In addition to the issues related to software, the drones may also face some problems regarding their calibration. Re-calibration is practiced in order to overcome such kinds of problems.

Things to be considered after resetting of drone

Flat trimming:

Flat trimming is not done necessarily just in case of a crash of a drone. It can also practiced every time you are going to fly your drone. You can do so by pressing the calibrate button after letting your drone to hover around. 

Flat trimming as well as calibration both are necessary to keep your drone working well. 

If motors don’t start properly:

Although, this condition is very rare to happen, there are chances that you may face it. Sometimes, after resetting of your drone, upon starting it the motors don’t start properly. 

Rather they start partially and work quite slow. It affects the flight of drones. In such a case resetting can work but you can also check out the gear of motors.

Inspection of propellers:

In some cases you may observe your drone not hovering steadily. It may result from the improper functioning of propellers. You can inspect the propellers by manually rotating them. 

In this way you can check their balancing. Similarly, you can also check and repair the damages or cracks.


While using a drone there are chances that it may stop working or get out of order. Here, the question may arise how to reset a mini drone. The procedures mentioned in this article will guide you properly in this regard. 

You can reset your wi-fi drone with ease and perfection if you follow the step-by-step mechanism mentioned above.


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