How to Write an Impressive Argumentative Essay – Tips from Essay Writers

Why is it so important to write a fantastic introductory essay? When entering college, every grade is essential, so the paper should be well written and structured. Sometimes it isn’t easy to write such a text yourself. Nerves on the eve of exams are at the limit, and it becomes hard to think. Therefore, to get the highest score, many applicants turn to essay writers, which they find on professional platforms, for help. As a result, they get a great essay and save their time resting or preparing for exams.

Where to start writing an essay?

Any essay starts with a topic. There are two options, the college provides the first one, and the second one will have to be chosen by yourself. If you need to select a topic yourself, do not rejoice ahead of time. An incorrectly chosen topic can significantly complicate your task.

Stick to two rules when choosing a theme, and you’ll end up with a masterpiece.

  1. Do not touch on a topic that cannot be fully disclosed in an essay format, for example, the theory of the multiverse. It is fascinating, but there are too few facts that can be pointed out to support it.
  2. In small talk, it is better to avoid controversial issues like religion, politics, etc., in essays.

When you have already determined the theme, you need to understand what the style will be. That is, to understand what task you are facing. Often, in the task itself on a given topic, there is already a hint in the form of a keyword, like:

– Discuss. Imagine that you are having a discussion with yourself and must provide several opinions from different sources to defend your point of view.

– Critique. You are the critic here. You need to objectively note all the pros and cons of the topic.

– Describe. If you come across this word in a task, you have to describe a fact, event, etc., without resorting to interpretation or reason of your thoughts. The main thing is to describe the essence of the topic.

– Argue. Based on examples and facts, you need to provide structured reasoning for your opinion, which should fill the central part of the essay.

– Explain. In this case, you are required to explain something based on the analysis of the given topic.

 Argumentative essay structure

Four whales on which the essay rests – an introduction, a thesis, argumentation, and a conclusion. Changing the order is not prohibited; the main thing is to keep the text in a logical and easy-to-understand form. At the same time, do not forget that the stellar part of your essay is the thesis, which is the main thought. It is imperative to surround it with structured argumentation and draw conclusions based on the result.


While reading your essay, do you want to make sure there is no desire to be distracted by the phone or TV?! If it is interesting to read, then the mark will be high. To achieve this result, even at the stage of writing an introduction, you need to interest the future reader. Awaken interest in your thoughts and the desire to delve into exactly what you wanted to present. After you have left the intrigue in the introduction, continue your view and spread it smoothly throughout the entire essay.

Tips. Don’t let this happen in your introduction:

– The beginning is very far from the idea of the thesis itself.

– Loud phrases of famous people, the use of which does not add originality to you in the selection committee’s eyes.

– A dry tone will strip your work of color.

– Lack of structure.


After choosing a topic, work is carried out first of all on the thesis because this is the essay’s main idea, and based on it, the rest of the structure is written. The theory can be compared to a trailer for a film because after reading the view, a person should understand what became the foundation for the work. But, most importantly, in something else, the thesis should reflect your point of view and not a set of opinions from the vastness of the Internet.

Tips. Don’t let this happen in your thesis:

– Excessive philosophy like “To be or not to be”…. The thesis should already clearly formulate thoughts.

– Too much text.

– The use of non-provable facts, etc.


This stage can be called the persuasion stage. You need to explain and describe why your thoughts are described in the thesis in this way. Create a structure for your explanations and stick to it while making sure to organize and fill it with emotions.

Tips. Don’t let this happen in your argumentation:

– Similar arguments in different interpretations.

– Inappropriate information for the topic chosen. If you are writing about a Viking journey, you shouldn’t make references to Harry Potter.

– Inconsistent paragraphs. The information in the paragraph should be complementary to the following.


Every story should have a pleasant and concise ending, and essays are no exception. Finish your work by summing up the results, while you can repeat the thesis if it was at the beginning. At the end of the work, you must not lose your vigilance and relax. The main thing here is to neatly summarize your thoughts while not spoiling the work done previously.

Tips. Don’t let this happen in your conclusion:

– New thoughts and arguments.

– Repetition of the above information in the essay.

Top tip

Taking all of the above tips and writing a good essay takes a lot of time and effort. In addition, the fear of making a mistake can play a cruel joke on you. Sometimes, in order to achieve what you want, you just need to ask for help. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect yourself from excitement and get a well-written work in the modern world. So what is the top tip? If you don’t feel the strength, you need or are suffering from a lack of time, visit a professional writing service and find your perfect essay. This way, you will save your nerves and you will get the highest grade for your work.

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