Interesting facts about smart watches

Technology has evolved in countless ways with the passage of time. Smart watches are part of this technological development.

The life of its users has changed in multiple ways. Things are much more convenient than it used to be. There is no need to have your smart phone along with you at all times. A number of functions can be carried out through smart watches only.

Despite its popularity, there are a number of facts that people do not know about smart watches. Here are some of those facts listed:

  1. It emanates from science fiction

The concept of a smart watch emanates from science fiction. This is something that a lot of people do not know about. From Captain Kirk to Dan Dare, a lot of fictional characters wore smart watches that did a lot of more than just telling time. The manufacturers of these watches took a lot of inspiration from these fictional narratives.

  1. It is not very new

We tend to think that smart watch is a very latest technology. This is not true. Although it is futuristic, the idea of a smart watch has been here for a very long period of time. The first model was released in the year of 1984. The watches were very glamorous. However, it did not become successful soon after its release. Many years later, the manufacturers such as Apple, revamped the idea of a smart watch and marketed the device in a more effective way. This is when it became so popular.

  1. Track the body

This is something that a lot of users know. However, it is an interesting fact to talk about. The smart watches have developed at such a pace that it has become one of the most useful devices. It has the ability to track the body in many ways. There are different sensors incorporated in the device. For example, smart watches can be used to track oxygen levels, sleep time, blood oxygen, heart rate and your kinetic speed.

  1. They were once dead

There was a time when popular fashion magazines rendered it as a dead technology. This was during the year of 2016. Since then, this technology has progressed in different ways. Due to the advancement within the models itself, the sales of these watches have plummeted. In 2020 only, over 8 million units were sold. This means that the idea of smart watches have come back from the dead.

  1. These are fashion statements

A lot of users often tend to misconceive smart watches as devices that are only known for its functionality. This is not true. These watches have now turned in effective fashion statements which are also popular for the aesthetic appeal it provides to the users. In fact, technological companies have also collaborated with different fashion companies to produce limited editions of smart watches. This means that smart watches are now becoming fashion statements which also improves your lives in countless and unimaginable ways.

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