Keep the Foot Pain at Bay with These Helpful Practices

Although people pick the best-looking pair of shoes to decorate their feet, they seldom consider what is good for them to keep them healthy and pain-free. As a result, studies show that about one in five people reports foot pain, stiffness, or aching in Australia. Furthermore, there is a higher prevalence of distress in the feet observed among females than males, attributed to them wearing shoes that are uncomfortable that result in the development of bunions, corns, and other lesser-known foot deformities. Hence, companies that manufacture women’s shoes in Australia are shifting towards changing the women’s experience by developing footwear that aims to alleviate this issue.

Common Foot and Heel Pain that Women Experience

Plantar fasciitis, rupture or inflammation of Achilles tendon, metatarsal bones, flat feet, and Sever disease are some of the most common causes of pain under heel and foot pain. Repeated injuries to the fascia of the foot are considered to be reasons for some of these issues. Therefore, the following is a list of simple measures to reduce the risk of developing foot pain and possible injury.

Steps for Pain-free Feet in Women

1)    Purchase Good Quality Shoes

On average, people spend about 40 hours per week in their shoes that carry the weight of their bodies. Cheap-quality shoes available for $30 might seem economical, but they can be detrimental to the feet due to their poor support structure. Good quality shoes help regulate foot moisture, prevent foot odour, discomfort, and help save money in the long term. To ensure the health of one’s feet, it is highly recommended for people to own shoes of good quality, sold by trusted brands like Frankie4 designed with consultation from podiatrists. Prevention is always better than cure.

2)    Find Shoes That Fit Right

Buying only the shoes that fit might seem obvious, but they hugely affect their health. Women must ensure that their feet don’t bulge over the welt and their toes have room to extend. Some manufacturers also provide personalized assistance to help find the perfect fit.

3)    Get the Pain Assessed Early On

If one develops pain, it is better to get it tested and seek treatment early on. Podiatrists conduct a complete examination of the feet and provide biomechanical assessments and the risk factors for the issue. As they are the most qualified health professionals to treat foot injuries, it is highly recommended to consult their opinion about wearing the right type of footwear and buy ortho-friendly ones to help heal better.

4)    Toughen Them Up

Just as how people work out to keep their upper bodies and legs fit, feet are no exception. Being made from 100+ ligaments, 30 joints, and 26 bones, they require focused conditioning to strengthen their functioning to ensure that they are not vulnerable to injury. Simple exercises like toe scrunch, calf raises, and arch lifts can ensure that the feet are strong and flexible to take on the task of lifting an individual’s body weight every day.

5)    Give Them Some Break Time

One of the main reasons women develop foot pain is overworking them. As aesthetically pleasing and supportive footwear are in doing everyday activities, feet would benefit hugely from being au naturel, i.e., barefoot once in a while. Stretching and walking barefoot helps them free the muscles and the joints, making them more resilient to potential injuries.

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