Logistics Management Software: Advantages, Prices, Real-Life Examples

Logistics management software (LMS) is growing in demand. Not weird since companies are striving for better, more secure, and more profitable shipment and delivery of goods around the country and worldwide.

We would never get Amazon’s superb fast delivery programs, hear about DHL as a secure express shipment corporation, or Pfizer as the one world’s biggest provider of sterile injectables if not the properly managed technological processes and operations inside the enterprises. Let’s shed more light on what logistics management software is, its importance for the logistics business, and analyze the development cost on real case examples.

What Is Logistics Management Software

Logistics management software is a set of systems called for better resource planning, efficient resource management, and optimizing human flow. In simple words, it helps enterprises to manage all logistics processes from delivery of raw materials to the moment the product reaches the customer’s doorstep.

Logistics management software is widely adopted in the workflow of warehouses, transportation companies, carriers, productions, and retailers.

Main Merits Of Custom Logistics Management Software

Let’s shed light on what exact ways LMS implementation can benefit your business and what problems it allows to tackle.

Enhanced Delivery Speed

Logistics management software speeds up the delivery of goods by making meaningful interventions into the production cycle and assigning delivery to the suitable carrier. This is an excellent way for businesses to avoid delays and delight customers with their purchases within the fastest terms.

Human Errors Reduction

Logistics management software can process valuable data without human intervention. This allows to reduce the chances for human error and adds to the smooth delay-free functioning of a company.

Cost Savings

Of course, we couldn’t go without this one. This is the criterion many businesses would use to evaluate the efficacy of LMS. Cost reduction is achieved by improved shipment planning, automation of document flow, reporting, and estimations.

Profits Via Sustainability

Businesses need to show their responsible attitude to the environment more now than ever. Independent research conducted by Smartest Energy reveals that customers are becoming more favorable towards brands committed to environmental sustainability. We’re illustrating these data to highlight the two of the great opportunities logistics management system carries namely waste management and purchasing of eco-friendly raw materials.

Custom Logistics Management Software Development Cost: Real Case Examples By Rexsoft

There are plenty of ready-made LMS solutions available. There is also a good share of companies offering to develop a customized product for a more personalized experience. Let’s take a look at the custom LMS development cost based on projects built by a logistics software development company Rexsoft.

The Cost Of Custom Logistics CRM Development

Client relationships management or CRM is a type of software that helps logistics businesses win new customers, build long-term relationships with them, and make profitable deals. Rexsoft team has experience in creating custom CRM for logistics and transportation companies so we can use one of their projects to calculate the approximate cost of your software.

Here are a few peculiarities of this customized CRM:

  • The system connects a client with a dispatcher;
  • It stores files and elements uploaded by users (f.e.pictures attached to requests);
  • A tracking feature is embedded to let customers track the route of their shipment;

This software product took Rexsoft specialists around 1100 hours. Here are more precise time estimations:

  • Project manager — 80h;
  • Software architect — 40h;
  • Designer — 200h;
  • Front-end developer — 360h;
  • Back-end developer — 320h;
  • QA — 110h.

Summarizing it all, the paycheck reached $40.000. This is the approximate sum you’ll have to give for a project like this.

The Cost Of Custom Logistics ERP Development

Logistics ERP is a tool to increase the efficiency of an enterprise, make the workflow more transparent, and speed up routine processes by automation. The logistics ERP created by Rexsoft is a functional solution for the transportation of used cars enriched with the following functionality:

  • Customers’ ability to contact a dispatcher;
  • Ability to track the route of a driver;
  • The ability of customers to see the condition of a vehicle and sign requests with e-signature;
  • Ability to pre-schedule routes;
  • Taking photos and attaching them to requests;

The creation time took 3-4 months and to be precise 1100 hours. Here’s the team composition:

PM – 80 h;

  • Application design – 200 h;
  • Back-end development – 320 h;
  • Front-end development – 360 h;
  • IT architect – 40 h;
  • QA – 110 h.

The cost of building the ERP for logistics from the scratch was $40.000.