Look No Further for the Best Survival Kits

Think of the places you often venture out to when going out for a hike or getting away camping for the weekend. You are often jetting out into the wilderness, free from Wi-Fi and all communication to the outside world. That is why we go there – for a getaway.

But what happens when an emergency strikes? Keep reading if you want to be prepared and ready to survive until help can be reached.

Emergency Kits

When you are thinking of getting a survival kit to take on your next adventure with you it is best to look for something that will be easy and small enough to carry around with you, but still contain all the survival supplies you may need.

Emergency kit backpacks are great if you are adventuring solo or with your friends/ family. Common items to include in your pack:

  • water purification tablets (or a LifeStraw)
  • high-calorie shelf-stable food
  • flashlight
  • body warmers or blankets
  • poncho with a hood
  • multitool
  • hygiene kit
  • first aid kit

Emergency kits should contain enough supplies to sustain you and your crew through 72 hours.

Do You Need an Emergency Kit for Your Pet(s)?

If you think of your pet as a member of your family, then it’s important to be prepared for them too. Common items to include in your pet’s emergency kit:

  • emergency pet food
  • water purification tablets
  • small plastic bowl (or collapsible bowl)
  • survival blanket
  • extra collar and leash
  • small pet waste collection bags

Think of what your pet would need to survive for 72 hours.

Emergency Kit On-The-Go

Survival situations are an expected possibility when you are seeking out thrill or serenity in the middle of the wilderness. Emergencies are much more unlikely when we are going about our daily routine – but not impossible.

Whether your car breaks down, you get stuck in a snowstorm, or you need to leave your home in an emergency it is important to keep an emergency kit accessible in your car. At least include the following in your auto kit:

  • survival blanket
  • tow rope
  • jumper cables
  • oil funnel
  • first aid kit

How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

Think of how much you depend on your utilities – water, electricity, gas – to sustain yourself at home daily. What if something took those away? Would you be able to keep yourself (or your family) alive?

The simple solution to a problem like this is an emergency kit for your home. If you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters – hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, flooding – then you need to consider putting one together.

These packs should include similar items to a standard emergency pack. Food, water, and means of shelter or warmth.


The Stealth Angel Survival kit makes preparing for an emergency simple and easy by providing the bag with all the survival items included depending on the situation and the number of people you are looking to sustain.

When an unforeseen emergency strikes it is important to be prepared. Your life – or your loved one’s lives – may depend on it. It is better to be prepared for something that may never happen, than regret not being prepared when you need it most.

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