Marketing Strategies for Best Results in Limited Time

Marketing Strategies for Best Results in Limited Time

Time is of the essence for any business. Marketing strategies are vital for growth. However, they don’t always show immediate results, which can put you at a disadvantage if you want to accomplish your short-term goals faster. There is immense competition online.

Take this statistic from eMarketer, for example; 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content every day. That means while you may be in the middle of strategizing, someone else has their content ready. Therefore, as a marketer, you should get your customer’s attention fast and hold on to it while you think long term.

This article will help you narrow down the right strategies, which will work for a smaller time frame that is also cost-effective. All of these factors matter when you want your business to flourish. Here are some strategies you can use and see immediate results.

Employ Social Media

You can’t expect your business to get attention unless you use social media. The power of public digital spaces is undeniable. People use social media for all sorts of endeavors, and your business will fit right in. You can also hire a social media marketing company to send out quick posts, and boost your brand awareness.

Use popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr for your business. In today’s world many businesses using Tumblr for multipurpose use. It’s more than just a place to share life updates, GIFs, and pop culture memes. On Tumblr, you can write long blog posts and share photo sets and videos. Unlike on other platforms, there are few limits to what you can share on the site. If you also want to grow your business on Tumblr then create an amazing Tumblr header and post your content, which helps you to grab the audience’s attention more.

The best part about social media is you don’t need to follow a format. You can share one-liners, an informal post, or a short post. It not only saves time but gets the word out there. Social media also has an option for direct messages, and your customers can reach out to you in a more personal manner.

Start a Blog

A blog is essential for your customers to know you and an excellent investment for your link building strategies. You can run an authority blog and answer questions on places like Quora and Reddit. You can use this opportunity to link your website or any other guest post you may have done. The search engine doesn’t only display websites. It also displays web forums where you may find what you need. And blogs help your business get the visibility you need.

It doesn’t require much but your time to write and post. The more questions you answer, the higher the chances consumers may look at you. There is also so much you can talk about. The more authentic you appear online, the more your consumers may like you. Don’t hesitate to add a personal encounter that can make you relatable for your clients.


SEO is a powerful tool and also a very efficient one. There are so many quick SEO tricks you can use right away. The best one would be to go easy on the keywords. Don’t overstuff your content and cut back on the clutter.

You don’t even need new content, add subtopics to older ones and arrange your data. Provide internal links to your web pages for more straightforward navigation. If you use an article written by someone else, email them. Let them talk about you with their audience. Let references guide you towards higher traffic. You can even make blog posts into videos. Repair all broken links, and you have a website that is ready for a high index and gets consumers. An improved website also brings an influx of consumers, which works better than new content that has yet to see the light.

Leverage Influencers.

Influencers already come with an audience. You simply need to reach out and get them. You don’t need a big-shot influencer. Even those with tens and thousands of followers will do the trick. Find influencers that share your niche because the audience will have a solid inclination to check your business.

The best feature about influencers is they know how to work their space. You can rely on their talent to get the conversation started. You can even define the number of posts you want on your business and ask them to share it across stories too. So not only will you be visible, you may land potential clients.

Use Retargeted Ads

Advertisements do wonder for your business. Online ads work even better than conventional advertisements since they can inform you who visited your website. When you don’t have to guess anymore who your audience might be, you can focus on them. Social media apps usually come with statistics with them. If not, you will know what companion app you’ll need to see the number of visitors you get. Retargeted ads help your conversion rates as you ask your customers to come back. Your customers may like the extra attention, and they may result in making a purchase.

Share Videos

You don’t need a video that is professional or 14 minutes long. You need to know how to make quick yet effective videos. Brands like Myevideo are a great example of an explainer video production company. When you want to introduce a new product, try making a short clip on it. Since there is no script, the editorial process will be shorter.

You can even create a series of short stories to share across your social media. Your consumers want innovation and small creative clips. You can create longer video tutorials for a long-term strategy but stick to snippets of pins as a short-term goal. You can even ask your employees to go around and make a live stream to capture the natural work environment. The more you engage through videos, expect a reasonable conversion rate.

Fix Your Landing Page

Landing pages are the first page visitors see after they click on your advertisement. For example, your clients saw an ad for a bundle deal on a perfume. They want to get a hold of that deal. All your advertisements and links funnel your consumers to your landing page.

Therefore make sure it makes sense and looks good. You can even add an email subscription option. Unlike web pages, a landing page has a singular focus: to get you, potential customers. Sometimes all you need is to make a good landing page and let your website handle your business.

Wrap Up

If you have a short time frame to create an impact, all you need is a good strategy. Employ social media to funnel all your users towards your website. Start a blog, and SEO can help your website get a high rank and become more visible. Reach out to influencers who share your niche and work with them. Use retargeted ads to get visitors who are interested in your business. Make smaller videos and finally fix your landing page. These quick methods will get your consumers in no time.

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